New Blog!

Yay! I have a new blog. Well, I sort of felt like sharing my thoughts at the moment since I don’t seem to digress much about myself to anyone anymore. I did have another blog – “transcient cafe” open, but I’ve decided to move to wordpress since it might be more better encrypted here. But I’m not really sure. The deal is, I hope to open up my own art portfolio online, but it’s taking a while, so this can be here as a temporary stasis and also to express my thoughts of the world.

I am very vague mostly in my post but I believe deeply in spirituality and I feel like helping people. I’ll digress all my wrongs and mistakes hoping that people who come across will take in my experience and think for themselves. The best thing to do in the world now is to truly open all your senses and take it all in slowly and completely. Not only that but it was because when I was seeking help, I wouldn’t have found one just anywhere. So although I will center my blogging on my art student-esque days, I’ll be taking on a more broader category than that.

About my art: I’m majoring as an illustrator and what I plan to accomplish: this may seem farfetch’d and to some people cool, but I’m working really hard to be a graphic novelist. The days seem very daunting, but I’m sure the path I’m taking right now is the right one. Other than that, I’m beginning a freelancing career hoping that my website will take me somewhere too, I want to begin selling my art and doing things. From time to time I’ll post up some of my figure drawing sketches, and concept art that I’ve been working on in class.

Right now, being an art student is difficult, but it’s liberating. Why? When I see all my old friends and hearing about their college lives, I feel a little bad for them. Working and slaving away at school work. They’ll have their fun but it just looks as if they’re pushing themselves to do something just so they can vomit it back out. People tend to do that. They’ll eat sh*t and pretend it’s all right, only to realize a second later it was not a good idea. But from that, what do you learn? Don’t eat shit! I hope we all take in our own experiences and reflect on it again. I’ve read many sources and one was this: the world is like your reflection, what you do to others will come back to you. It works that way and I see it as that way. If one has asked oneself at one point, “What did I do to deserve this?” You’ve most likely done something similar to someone else, and if you haven’t it might have been from a past life that you’re paying for. And if you don’t believe in reincarnation, it doesn’t matter because karma is always there, so think hard. I’ll say this first, I’m only on stage 1, my first step, and I’ve only begun to explore about meditation, spirituality, past life regression; therefore I claim nothing to my words except that they’ve come from my own experiences and feel free to rebuke me – just don’t flame me and then run off. That’s a bit selfish to lash out on a person just because they don’t share your views. There was a particular person – one of America’s first forefathers said to someone during the revolution, and I’ll only summarize because it’s been 2 years since I last years, and he said, “I don’t agree with your ideas, but I’ll fight for for them.” Now isn’t that gallant? My history teacher thought it was so, and I think it too. Anyway, I leave this here and come back later with some pictures.



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