School and Japan Town


I search for the things I need

most, finding but naught in a

stormy uplifting.

AAU is an overall good school only because the teachers make up for it. Of course, I’ve heard rumors of bad teachers, so maybe I’ve been lucky and thus far, I’m having a good learning experience. Nothing like my old high school, I still feel sick going to school everyday, but I like what I’m doing and learning so that’s between college and my high school. The buses can get really crowded for some reason during 8:10am and there are always people who straggle behind or can’t wake up earlier for the 8:55am in which I didn’t because I took my sweet time getting to BART on Wednesday. But I wouldn’t say it was a bad thing because I met a “Hanazawa Rui” on that 8:10 bus.

.Hanazawa Rui

I’m not even sure if it was intentional because the resemblance was so strong I gasped. Haha! But I have no idea if you could have heard it, wasn’t that loud. The question I’m dying to know is… was that person a male or a female!? I seriously don’t know because I guess he/she could have been more feminine. How interesting. It was cute. Made my morning.

Right when my perspective class started, Mr. Ng had us post up our 24 thumbnails. I did 25 just because. He spent most of the time talking and critiquing our thumbnails, some people did great, some could do a lot more work. I’m glad I at least got a B+, that’s pretty kickin’ since I didn’t get a C or something worse. Of course, I put all hard work in my art so it’s to be expected, right? Yes, art is passion.

Thumbnails 1-6

Thumbnails 7-14

Thumbnails 15-25

Initially, I felt that #1 was pretty good, but I might just do that some other time for my own personal fulfillment. But, since he suggested I do 7, 9,19, and 20. I guess those were pretty all right, the ones in the rooms didn’t work for this kind of sillouette perspective, because it was more about lighting and not actual perspective. So, I accepted, they weren’t that great… I had a hard time deciding between 9 and 19. I really liked them both, but I finally decided to do a bigger picture of #19 because I’ll do a personal picture of 9 on my own time too. So this is the hw for perspective next week. Now I need to work on all projects. I know I’m being neglectful with some aspects of my online classes, but I decided that my brother was right. My room is very messy. I can’t seem to make it organized for some reason, I just don’t know where to put all my things in an accessible manner. I like things close at hand, and I want them to be there when I suddenly feel like doing them. I should stop being lazy, but that’s a hard trait to lose, but I’ll try hard! Really.

After class I went to go to Japantown. I walked there because I felt that I could do with more exercise. It wasn’t so bad, I felt a triumph even though I got lost initially for the first 20 minutes… haha.. But yeah. I finally bought gel pens for this class, and being in J-town, damn it’s expensive. The food costs around $9-10, and it’s not even dinner. Useless but pretty stationary was expensive too. I did want to buy a lot of things, but I had remind myself that money shouldn’t be spent so casually, besides the 3 gel pens I bought were friggin’ $8 total, and I bought this an-pan filled with red bean paste for about $2 bucks. 😐 And I just browsed, but I was looking for Yusushi Suzuki’s art book. I guess I could buy it online, but I thought it might be better to see the actual book before making that final decision. Oh well, huh? As I was walking home, I felt more than ever that karma was in fact existent in just about everything in life. There was a point given to me though – I might awkwardly phrase the things I say in a bad context. Sure, this is just text, but what about speaking? A lot of the times I forget to say the most important things, so I never get my true feelings across. I guess you could say that I tend to make things in small drafts, and each time I get better. But who has that kind of time when talking? I don’t seem to try hard enough in this area though, so it’s my own tough luck. I always am afraid though, to express my own thoughts. Fear holds you back a lot of the times, and this whole time, I’ve been trying to find the courage and the strength to express my own opinions. My own willpower is failing me, so must I look for another way?


The wind sighs in a

light breath, but how calm the earth

beneath my feet feels.


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  1. Hello! I stumbled on your blog while searching for entries on Hanazawa Rui. And I’m glad I did because I like reading your entries. I also really like the tones of your thumbnails. Goodluck! 🙂

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