Calming Day


Unsettling mind,

I cleanse with inner strength, courage,

and peace, be thankful.

I just had a pleasant talk with someone, and it took four days to spring up some courage for it. In the end, I have a greater understanding of these people whom I feel a separation from. I shouldn’t feel that way, if indeed they and I are the same. Which I do truly think, all people are the same mainly because we all walk the same path eventually, some slower than others. Today was suppose to be a spiritual day, and I guess it was. I’ve been neglecting to meditate daily, I guess school does this to you? Well, I’m going to try again, I do this a lot, on and off, but I believe in the essence of spirituality, so this is something I want to do for the rest of my life.

Anyway, I’ve been practicing with markers!

Castle in the NightDark Stare

I couldn’t completely scan my entire name on the first one because my scanner can’t scan everything even though the scanner bed fit the height quite well. I actually did these pretty fast, and I like them a lot, because I’m getting the hang of using my warm grey markers. As one can see, the first image is of my first thumbnail in the last entry. I didn’t expect to do them today, but I just felt like it. The second picture was not suppose to be final, I was just playing around, that’s why there’s some unwanted lines in it still. It’s not official, but I still like it!

I don’t really have much to say today. Another poem for another time.


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