Intro to Anatomy Week 4 Works

“Like Dust”

Like the dust on the

Ground and how the air takes me

Far and far away.

Just a note: I’m posting these pictures online knowing full well there might be people looking for images. I don’t mind that people take them because I take pictures from unknown sources a lot of the times. The difference is that I don’t make profit from them, so I hope that the people who come across this understand. These are free to take to examine or whatever else you might want, just don’t lie about them (of course I mean lying of any kind), it’ll come full round back at you. And I’m not trying to threaten people, I say it like it is! 😉

Is it not but annoying for people to wait on others even though the one who is waiting isn’t doing anything? I’m like that, but it’s even more so worse to do everything and anything for someone and not have anything give to you back. It’s a waste of energy and I’ll have none of that in my life. It’s best to separate yourself from the things that will ruin you. And that’s how I’m going to live, and I don’t care about how unemotional it sounds because I am too sensitive to really want to be put in that kind of situation anymore. It’s hard to be in a world where everyone plays victim, but I won’t too often! So forgive my ramblings.

Anyhow. I’ve been a bit lazy with writing, but attention has suddently shifted to a lot of drawing. It’s weird like that, but I hope I’ll always want to write and do art just the same as each other. And I suck at writing, but this is why I have Transcient Cafe.

I’ve done some of my hw for intro to anatomy. Here’s how they turned out:

Arm Study 4_2a_duong.jpg

The first one was all right, I had trouble with the arm so it’s pretty shitty, and I didn’t completely color the background because it was all ready over 30-40 minutes (the usual time frame to do these exercises) . I’m happy with the second head picture though, it turned out the way I wanted it too; but not completely, just mostly because I’m all ready good with faces and heads. These were done with charcoal on 18×24 vellum paper. It doesn’t matter what paper you use, they’re all the same except vellum is pretty think, and it’s also for ink and stuff. So keep in mind, it’s just a ploy most of the time to get people to buy “special” paper for specific needs, isn’t really true, you know. I toned the white paper with a sanguine crayon by scraping it with a knife and letting the dust fall, and taking a tissue (recommend to get chamois – finally something useful for it! j/k it’s good to spread charcoal, dry pastel, and crayons on your surface area)

And my hw picture: Skull Study

Turned out good, ne? This was graphite on 9×12 paper. No need for anything fancy, fixed it a little w/photoshop with the leveling, but that’s it.

Oh yes, and the reason I’m doing haikus is because I want to get into poetry more, and I absolutely suck at it. I figured if I took a hand in it, I’d understand more, and I think I do.



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3 responses to “Intro to Anatomy Week 4 Works

  1. Visarut

    Hi! First I would like to say that your work on anatomy studies are great! I am a fellow artist that happen to come upon your blog when I was doing a google search of artists using wordpress as an art portfolio because I plan to bring up my website by mid May with the wordpress blog system.

    Sorry about commenting on your work out of no where, is just non of my artist friends uses wordpress to blog so I can’t really interact with them as much (aside from using sites like facebook and myspace.)

    Is been good for me to stumble upon this blog and meet another artist that’s in college and just trying to enter the art industry, well basically the same situation as me >_<; Take care and keep up the great work!


  2. Visarut

    Thanks for the reply! I’ve been planning out a design for my website for a couple of months as well but I never made a move to actually create it since I don’t have any new work (besides the work from my classes) so I’m working triple time on my sketchbook to turn out new and finalize work for display on my site >_<;

    Yep is pretty hard to find other artist who uses wordpress, I know a bunch that uses blogspot for their blogs but I never quite like blogspot system for some reason. Finally one of my artist friend over in the Philippines recommended that I use wordpress as a portfolio site because is free, enough option for you to customize, and well is really simple. So I thought hey why don’t I give it a shot?

    Chris De Joya is the one who I’d gotten in touch with over facebook, this is his portfolio site on wordpress:

    Right now everything for me is self taught and I’m taking classes over at a junior college to finish up my AA degree in Graphic Design and moving on to an art college. I hope Art Center or the VFX college here that I plan to go to don’t hike up their tuition prices by next year T_T; So expensive fa sho.

  3. Visarut

    I am struggling to find my style as well but for the past few weeks I’ve been studying the style of other artists. I’ve created a few sketches to play around with all of their styles combined with my own, and so far the results has been very satisfying. I think that is more positive to not look solely at the obstacle we have to face in life, but the entire journey itself is pretty spectacular. In a few months it will my tenth year here, I came from Thailand with my dad when I was 10 and well the world has been really interesting for me since then.

    You suck at math and other subjects too? xP I did a B-C average during high school, it was hard to focus just on art because you have these other subjects to study for then. With Chris De Joya, I just checked his facebook to see where he is now and he’s working with a German (I think) game company over in Singapore so that’s pretty cool. What kind of comic book artist do you want to me? Does it lean more towards DC Comic styles or towards the Eastern type like manga?

    With the college … is still a really hard choice for me to make, and I have to decide by the time I finish here next Spring. I did get an invitation card from Academy of the Arts last April (my high school graduation was the end of May) to enroll but didn’t respond back because thinking about the situation, I don’t think it is right for me to relocate to the Bay Area to study there and leaving my parent / that plus financial reasons as well. With Art Center, I just heard that their illustration department runs pretty strong so that’s why I’d consider it as one of the places I would transfer too.

    I checked CalArts / Otis and AI (oh em gee, this is way expensive and I heard a lot of bad stuff about them) and had no luck. My choices is narrowed down to two at the moment. And dude, I totally understand that part about feeling like you just want to give up. My dad REALLY hates art and he puts down it so much, you know the speech about art being a hobby and you can never go anywhere with it? That’s how my dad was, but I think his view as changed a bit overtime since I’d graduate from high school last year and he’d notice that I’ve been working triple time on sharpening up my portfolio before enrolling into the next stage of art school.

    Life has a lot of ups and down (mostly down for me, I need to pray to Buddha more) and well I believe that people who tends to never have any luck or been heading downhill in their early life will have a good / happy / successful life later on if they continue to do what they love and don’t give it. I’m on that train, got kicked off a few times but I just keep running back on it and kept ARTing >_<;

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