Mind drifts and wavers

On the verge of destruction;

Then pulled back again.

A while ago I found out I did a pretty shitty job in my english class, it was also the day I realized I’m in financial shit because I will not get any financial aid for my summer tuition. I hate having to deal with money, and why it has to rule our lives. Sometimes I want to just give up and live the life of a bum but I realize I really hate being smelly and cold. Maybe I should live the life of a vagabond, I do love traveling and that’s what I want to do, travel everywhere and forget about what makes me worry so much. I’d just need one travel partner to share the experience. I also know the type of house I want. I want a house with big windows that let in light, a big room studio where there’d be an area for painting and another for a drafting table, and another area for my computer. And the backyard is close to nature, and wide so that if I feel like it, I can practice archery, and plant some apple, orange, and grapefruit trees. Maybe a mini vegetative garden too so I don’t need to rely on the supermarket.

Anyway, I’m only uploading one picture for this week, I feel a tad lazy now. My need to draw is slowly going away, but I’ve got other ventures. Homework for intro to anatomy for this week, we’re working on muscles of the back, which is the reason why this picture is so bold. It was actually a copy of a picture from Michaelangelo I think.

5_1 HW

Anyway… I’ve got some projects I’m actually working on but not finishing. 😐

Been busy lately, so that’s why I don’t update that much. And writing a story is just so hard! Anyway, that is all. I’ll post again tomorrow maybe.


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