Okay, so I lied in my last post, I’ve been lazy and also screwing around with stuff. Not really. Man, I really feel… not up to it recently. Which is driving me nuts because I just don’t feel like being artistic at the moment. After next week is spring break for a week. I don’t think I want to go home really, I don’t want to face the rents alone. That’s horrible… gosh… although I’m running out of green tea, I wanted to get some more from them. I’ve said to my brother one day that I could go on green tea alone and fast that way, ‘cept of course, I’d be going to the bathroom all the time. But lately, I’ve also been binging on candy. Damn that Dollar Tree store. But I feel as if the money lifting from my pockets and floating away into the wind. Maybe we should just keep our bathroom door closed for good measure. Yesterday, I’d gone to visit the Otaku’s Anonymous Club on campus, and fuck, you know, I was just like, this is exactly like LQ’s anime club, true? No offense really, but being with them puts yourself in a horrible crack in the earth. I mean, it’s not like I don’t do that shit at home all ready, but this is like…wasting time to the max except doing with other people, and they probably will not display ecchi stuff.. hahaha… j/k, j/k! I’m not too much of a pervert. But I met someone who I’d befriended on NK forums so long ago, and the first thought was, “Damn, he’s short for a white guy.” But I kind of wish that I talked to him. I knew he didn’t recognize me, I remember our conversations, so I knew it was him when he mentioned his home Massachusetts, but even when he greeted me as a newcomer, I nodded in response, why didn’t I say more? I guess I was afraid, I wasn’t sure how to respond to begin with. Do I go up an say, “Hey, buddy, remember me? We knew each other from an forum for a year.” Well, I suppose it could have happened like that, but it didn’t, did it? Anyway. I felt sick being there. Because I knew how much in common I had with the rest of them. The meaning of my existence is questioned. I wish more from life. I realize that I’d be down with not having my computer for awhile, but there’s just so much information, that I just latch on to it, because the internet is vast and free. I want friends but I don’t want friends. It’s complicated, mainly, I do not want to be disappointed again. I know… don’t be afraid. It’s too hard, and I don’t know what to do. There’s no artwork until I feel like it again. See ya.


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