Another Update – Intro to Anatomy week 7

Ah, lately, it’s been hard to motivate myself, I really am useless sometimes. And what happened to week 6? I don’t feel like uploading anything for that. Maybe later. Anyway… Starting monday is my spring break! Whoo…. maybe it’s a good time to be working on my website. And read all my books too. I’m stuck on The Tale of Genji because it’s really hard for me to interpret all the poems, which I suck at doing. I’m still high strung my whole summer tuition thing, I want to take more classes, but I just didn’t take into account the funds. I think he said something about $670/class, and it goes up. RAWR. I talked with my adviser guy and he said it’s possible for a winter intercession, 3 weeks of class everyday. Damn! haha… Sigh… if I ate less, it might help. 😐 Lately, I’ve been eating a lot of muffins from walmart, they’re only $1, and candy…. lots of candy. :\ Ridiculous amounts, and gosh, I think I’m addicted to sugar again.

Right now, this week is about the abdominal region, the external obliques, and the serratus anterior. I happen to like this sanguine color so I went ahead and drew the whole thing in the conte crayon. This picture is also the most censored anyway… haha… I don’t think I’ll ever get used to looking at a male’s private parts. Well, I’m starting to, but I can’t get myself to draw the groin area without shading it in to void it out.

7_2 exercise

This one the lines got dark because of my scanner, it has a lot more contrast than it should, but yeah.. I guess I could have fixed it up, but whatever, same for the other to bring out the color more. Copied from a master drawing, I think from Michaelangelo, ne? Studied up on Polykleitan Fold, and Polykleitos was the one who did the famous “Canon” statue. The PF is the “love handles” as everyone is so used to calling it, the muscle that covers you hip bone and is more prominent in males than in females. The reason a female’s PF is underdeveloped is to allow the belly to stretch during pregnancy. Cool beans. I’ve always noticed that bulge on the males hips that the woman models never had, or it was very small. Yeah.

hw 7.1 anatomy

So this is my update. I don’t feel like thinking too much, but that’s all right.




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2 responses to “Another Update – Intro to Anatomy week 7

  1. Visarut

    Is no problem, everyone is busy now a days including myself + art classes starts off easy at first and then hits you hard once midterm / finals approaches. I use other artists work as a reference as well, but I learn that if I only use a regular photograph instead of other artist work (because you can’t follow their line art) that you’ll learn much faster and push yourself harder to recognize anatomy + strengthen your overall illustration skill. I think you’re making improvement (just looking at your latest anatomy assignment from class on this journal post), I had to learn anatomy the hard way but luckily my Drawing I teacher last semester really helped me out with anatomy + light sources since I was having a lot of trouble in that area.

    You must be duking it out, I mean living all by yourself up in the Bay Area and handling all of the payment; That’s rough x_X; I hope I find an internship some where here with an art studio, I was asking around and found out that Dreamworks have a studio over in Glendale and they have some internship spot so I might check it out around next month to see if it was possible for me to get in there.

    I know about the thing with the parent not supporting to decision of becoming an artist, earlier today on my way to the movie theater, my dad said to me that if I don’t get a job as an artist I’d finish up my degree … he’s going to kick my ass xD I know he was joking but I don’t let my guard down, I’m trying really hard and will continue to do so until I can make it out there on my own. And thank you Tannie for the good cheer up message, I guess everyone has got to have as shitty day sometimes >_<; I don’t know sometimes it feels like everything is going against you then the next is back to normal, I mean wtfork right? But yeah no problem with the late reply, I just finish this painting project that was driving me nuts this past week. Going to finish up my storyboard project tonight and get some rest, ah good times.

    Have a great Spring Break! :]

  2. Hey, those look familiar… I too am studying at the Academy. I love the linework on your master copy, and you use the liftout effectively.
    Keep up the good work.


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