And then some…

I never thought I’d say this, but I’m getting tired of reading all these ebooks I’ve downloaded. I think I overloaded the past week, so it’s lost interest, which means I should try out The Count of Monte Cristo, and the rest of my new books.

I am me and You are You,

Let’s just be the person

whom we are meant to be.

Anywho. Yesterday, I’d gone to a group meeting at Dave’s and his son, Andrew, got the Super Smash Bros. Brawl… heheh… I actually didn’t play until after dinner at 9pm, but then it kind of snowballed after because I played till 10:30 with a brother, damn! It was fun and nostalgic, it made me miss playing games a lot. I’m still going to try out Okami later on during the summer or something, hoping like hell the price will go down even further. But someone was telling me if I invested time playing Starcraft, I might actually get some bucks. Who cares, was what I was thinking, because what a dreary way to spend the rest of your life playing a stupid game that isn’t even real. Life is real, and this X Y Z generation is forgetting that. I feel so sorry for us. I’ll never date a gamer, maybe a mild one, but yeah.. I just don’t see anything and I hate wimps. And clingy people. Yes…. those kinds of people… drag the essence out of you.

Right. So I’m going to be back in SoCal over the week, which I think is sucky! but I cannot complain. I kind of wonder why I’m so heartless to my family, I feel bad about being the black sheep sometimes, but I read about the numerology in my name makes me detached from family, something about not having that many 9’s I think… Though, God, I hope my children don’t treat me this way. 😦 So I’m trying, it’s just so hard.

Before I leave, I want to add some sketches I’ve done, they’re pretty recent since the last month, just been lazy to upload them, but hey, at least they are here…. I like to draw girls, btw. That’s why there is a lot of females…Fury

I’m finding goatees very attractive.. haha .. yeah..


It’s still very sketchy, but I’m hoping to fix the hand and the left arm on her throat.. it’s just hard w/o reference.Jokah

I think I drew this when Heith Ledger died… It wasn’t a tribute, but I just wanted to try out a joker thing since he plays it in the upcoming Batman.


I did this way before I even learned about the bones and back muscles, so there’s going to be a lot of re-editting on this one, as well as the retarded arm… I blacked it with a sharpee… so it’s messy.


Yup.. that’s it.



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  1. Visarut

    Yeah I get side tracked with how each of the school system (UC / Cal State, etc) manage their holidays, so when I do have free time to hang out / most of my friends are back in classes.

    Yes I’ve been to, is a great site! It comes really handy when the images I want to get onto the paper has a very complicated pose that is way too advance for an artist at my level to draw. Talking about helpful websites, have you been to ? It is sort of similar to the character designs website but is leaning more towards anatomy studies (I thought you might find this very helpful because you can rotate the 3D model whichever direction you like, it had helped me out tremendously).

    Oh you’re living with your brother, that’s pretty cool! My brother is always overseas with his job so I don’t get to see him much, just a few weeks per year. And I had thoughts about being an animator but after experimenting with a few methods and approaches, I believe I am better off in illustration / 3D Artist (Modeler / Lighting / Rigger, etc) So I am leaning more towards illustration / concept art department.

    I am planning to attend this school next year after I finish up my AA here, because the school is very close to my house here in Hollywood and I want to go there for the connections which hopefully will help me get a early jump into the industry. You can check out the gallery on that site to see what I was trying to explain about the works I want to learn. I am self taught + taking classes at a JC to sharpen up my illustration skill, I want to learn how to take my 2D drawing to 3D which can be use for games, motion pictures, you name it. Technology gets better each year ne?

    Well I am self motivated as well because my family isn’t rich and I already tell myself that I am lucky enough to come and live here in the US instead of Thailand where it’ll be much harder to get anywhere in the art industry, so self-motivation is a big factor within every artist. With the jealousy … I am too xP Once you learn to take that anger of being jealous of other great artist’s work and use it as your own motivation, a lot of improvement can happen and you’ll be way past those artists in no time. Is all mind games, it had cost me a lot of white hair but I have gotten it down now xD The journey / experience you get in college is much more important then a degree fa sho.

    You took your dad to the museum? … dude, that is so Asian lol 😛 Just kidding, but I had the same experience with you as well, just not at the museum. My dad puts down art a lot and when I was going out touring art schools before my high school graduation last year, he refused to come with me. So I was the only kid at those tour without a parent, I felt sad at first but I’ve gotten over it now. I’ll show his ass that I can become a great artist. These hardship really can pissed you off sometimes, but you become a much stronger person overall. I thank Buddha (or God) for making my life so hard, is worth the pain and I will be happy later on in life.

    And yes my dad make threats from time to time, you know just to keep me in check haha xD I know he’s changing his mind about me not surviving in the art world because he has seen me working hard on my assignments + self studies … he just wont admit it. Oh Asian parents, what are you going to do right? Take care Tannie!

    PS. Don’t let your dad threaten to kick your ass, that isn’t healthy xD

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