Week 8 – intro to anatomy and Blade of the Immortal

My eye was having a spasm about a week ago and it went on for about 3-4 days. I just noticed it finally stopped. It was so weird because it felt like I could feel my heart beating from there and also the lower lid felt like it was moving so whenever I relaxed my eyes… it was like I can see the bottom part kind of moving – made it annoying to see and read things. I’m… getting sucked into my computer again. It’s really very annoying since I’m on it and all my resources are enclosed as data because I don’t have the expenses to get something physical.

During spring break I just did a lot of perspective hw, they’re too big using my regular canoscan, so it’s annoying to scan a 11×14 picture. I’m actually looking into getting a scanner that fits, but I want to get one for home office use because what am I going to do with a big fat scanner and printer? There’s no space around here to begin with. So those all-in-ones are great except the standard size is too small. I wish I could find one like that… at a reasonable price for home office. Compact is key nowadays, isn’t it? What with all those blackberries, palm pilots, and ipods, etc.

Lately, I’ve been reading Blade of the Immortal thanks to a friend’s recommendation. I was thinking about it, but I knew I was going to get sucked in. And it was going pretty slow for about a month into it. I’d ready about 4 volumes, and then suddenly after like… the 10th one, I just couldn’t stop, and there’s not even as much as Berserk. I like Hiroaki Samura’s artwork for BotI; it striked me as odd! Because he didn’t use traditional toning and inking, he used graphite as I read on Wikipedia, and it’s cool since he went to an art school so that’s a plus. I thought he went with mixed media on some like graphite and watercolor. It’s really nice though and innovative, which inspires me. I think I should try something like that. I’m seeing a lot of artists for games and books going backwards and using acrylics and other paints. And personally, I like fine art and one of the best mediums ever. There’s cg artists popping up everywhere, they got some nice shit – yeah, really good stuff you can find at conceptart.org. And there was one artist who graduated 2 years ago at AAU and I saw a work from in the foundations building at Townsend, I had no idea that his stuff was put up at conceptart too, so I’m like, “Heyyy! I know that dude! –well, I saw one of his works anyway.”

Everybody has a preferred medium, I’m starting to really like using pencil and pen, but I have the best control using a pencil, I find that I get crosshatching to work well for me. I like that style too and I’ve always use it. I’ve been trying to paint today and do a portrait. It looks all right, I’m still very amateur with acrylics even though I’ve been using it for 3 years. But I don’t use it on a daily basis, more like every 6 months or something.. haha… I’d be excited to take the still life art class at school next semester so I can learn how to paint better. You can see from Ayami Kojima that she might actually use paint, but I just looked it over and he probably used a textured paint just to make her backgrounds interesting for the new Castlevania pictures. I love her

things even though they kind of look twisted. I’m not sure who this is because I’ve only played Aria of Sorrow.


This week’s hw is about the Tensor Fascia Latae, Gluteus Medius, and Gluteus Maximus

8-1 hw

8-2 hw

Well… I don’t think I’ll really need commentary on these other than the first one I did with charcoal, and the second because I was lazy and I didn’t want to waste more big sketchpad paper I used graphite. And that’s it.


*Edit* I’m keeping most of my original comments on Kojima, but I changed “he/his” to “she/her.”



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7 responses to “Week 8 – intro to anatomy and Blade of the Immortal

  1. sebastian


    about Ayami Kojima, the picture you featured above is not from the Castlevania series, but from an artbook. You can find more work here:


    Ayami Kojima is also female. She does actually use paint, she uses acrylic and perhaps watercolor. The textured backgrounds are done with gel medium gloss, allowed to dry, and painted over. Her technique is shown in the ‘Color Kingdom 3’ book. Some scans are on the above site.

  2. ryuutsuchi

    Hey! Thanks for the comment, appreciate it a lot.
    I figured a lot of game concept artists were male, but lesson learned to never stereotype. I’m damn surprised too, makes me feel better going into this industry!
    This site has some nice pictures and I can see that her art centers a lot on gothic and a kind of style that looks like catholic art with a twist…
    I have some scans from the Castlevania art book, that’s where I got this picture from. I particularly liked the monotone color usage… but there were some others too. Really cool.

  3. sebastian

    Yes, it is interesting about her. Shes self taught as well, and i think discovered while working as a secretary or something like that. Her subject matter is interesting, like you said, as is her color usage. She has a very interesting and detailed style.
    Are you familliar with Ayumi Kasai? i think you would enjoy her work as well:


    its a different style, but still very detailed with a lot of dark and interesting elements.

  4. ryuutsuchi

    Ayumi Kasai? This would be the first time I’ve heard of her, but her style is also nice – reminds me a little bit on bordering shounen-ai- although I don’t like that genre particularly well, I’ve always admired the characterization anyway because of male and female unification as one person. But that only goes so far, I don’t like the idolization most girls are into now…. But I can see this artist using a very strong and powerful coloring and it’s beautiful mixed in with surrealism.

    I looked around that site for a bit and I saw one other author, Ima Ichiko who did Hyakki Yakou Shou and she has a very light wash kind of style, I like watercolor too, but I’ll probably take forever learning how to get it right. Her art isn’t the best I’ve seen, but I really like this comic because it’s very “fantasy.” Sort of like Hayao Miyazaki’s story telling.

    And Ping Fen – I didn’t know the artist’s name, but I know the art works pretty well because I saw some pictures of Return of the Condor Heroes, and Chinese people have a way with realism… They’re really good at it. This person is one of the 3 Chinese people I am particularly fond of.

    You know a lot of cool art sites! I find it hard to find the right sources or pictures with good enough quality.

  5. Visarut

    Heh yeah I do miss my brother a lot, hopefully nothing changes and he will come live with us and we will become a complete family finally. There are certainly a lot of illustration major + digital media artist overall coming out of no where. I do notice a few of my classmate receives the same commentary as me from one of my digital media professor saying that their artwork and mine contains a mixture of graphic design (not really a typography type of stuff, is just a illustration design with shapes, real life objects, etc) and illustration that totally blew him away because it is on that boundary where it is realistic and is not. It is hard to explain, I will surely link you to my site when I have it up.

    With the boom, no wonder art school is hiking up their prices =| I learn to make a lot more sacrifice then before in order to sharpen my illustration skills and try to get ahead of those who just go to class and do THE exact assignment / criteria / never pushing beyond that. Seriously Tannie, like I’ve tried pulling an all nighter and it didn’t work out so well for me. Usual I sleep around 10 pm because it is a hard schedule to get rid off from middle / high school but on Tuesday (2 weeks ago) I stayed up until 2 am to finish up my storyboard project. That was way too hardcore for me, I don’t know how some of my friends pulled it together to finish up these stuff and still wake up early -_- But art at night is great, good atmosphere and it seems more calm drawing to the light of the lamp (maybe is just me, I am kind of weird when it comes to having a “setup” for my art station).

    The past is the past, you can surely make your parent proud of you as a great artist after you’ve finish AAU over there 😀 That’s what I am going to do, prove my dad wrong haha … I love him to death but sometimes he can really be the baddest person in the world. With my website design … dude like I still need to draw myself a banner for the main site + my blog (because I can’t stand these natural and free banner that comes with the theme …) xP Catch up na Tannie? You have a lot of time! Talk to you next time, take care!

  6. sebastian

    It does seem that there are alot of chinese artists with a hand in realism, doesn’t it.
    Ayumi Kasai’s work does seem to have some hintings of shounen-ai, but it seems more from the point of view of symbolism. Theres another artist, Takato Yamamoto:


    whos work is laced with homosexual undertones and blatancies of both genders, as well as a dark fetishism, but in a very classy and graphic in a non pornographic way. Its beautiful, in my opinion.

    i never really think of the Yaoi/Shounen-ai thing that many anime and manga fans are ogling over when i think of these artists. i have no problem with either, and like it the same as any other art- if its presented well and with class, i can like it and probably will. I’m not one for seeing people (fictional or in this physical world) as objects to begin with, so that is my main issue with the whole thing. i’m not a fan of ‘slashing’ people because they’re ‘hot’ or whatever. it lacks taste and maturity, in my opinion. Personally, gender doesn’t particularly exist to me, so it matters not, you know? i see the annoyances with the trend of fans though, definately.

    haha, i spend a lot of time on art sites. i have many of them. If you like such watercolor styles, i think that you would also like the artist Rain. She is a chinese watercolor and digital artist:


    and much more (and a few of the same) here:


  7. ryuutsuchi

    Thanks so much the links, I would have replied earlier but I’ve been caught up with things.
    You’re right about Takato Yamamoto, I just looked at his things. I’m not sure what to classify his style as, but it’s like.. modern Japanese I guess. I was thinking about the old Japanese art, um… I can’t remember his name, but his works are so well known. Anyway, yeah.. it’s nice, but it’s really creepy at the same time. Hmm… Well, I suppose I do stuff like this too. The human body in it’s natural form is beautiful, the curves of a woman is very interesting and lithe.

    I’ve been to Aethereality before, but I didn’t know they had a gallery, I mostly go there because of photoshop tutorials.

    I feel bad for not knowning more about European artists though because I know there’s a lot of people in Western society that does beautiful fine arts and a lot contemporary talents. My teacher has been having us look at other figure artists and I’ve been looking into Juliet Aristides. She’s not that great, but I think her pictures really pop out because of the crosshatching style. But there was another one that I was really enthralled by, but I wish I remembered that person’s name. Anyway, I’m hoping to invest in some art books in the near future and hope to find inspiration from different people. Should probably look into my own culture too.
    Thanks again.

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