Week 9, A transition into a new month

Hmm… so it’s been a while. My head hurts… it’s not too bad, it’s not at that initial stage where it feels like lead, but it’s very hard to focus. I seem to have some time, and I’ve been meaning to post up some things. I’m not sure if it’s because I went out on Thursday or if the bacteria has been in my body for awhile, but I guess I’ve been stressing somewhat. Same old worries though and a new long term stress. I’m kind of reverting back into my old self before 3 weeks before spring break. And that is me putting things off. Well, I’ll try not to, but it’s hard to make yourself do something.

By tomorrow, I’m probably going to be healthy again. Being sick is only 2 days at most for me, anymore and there might be something wrong. I never drink tylenol or advil or western medicine because I have a strong immune system anyway. Eat those apples, kiddies! I haven’t been eating any either because I want to prolong them… Fruits are cheap though, but my brother doesn’t go to the supermarket every week so…. More like every 3 weeks, so we split the food. I also gargled salt and hot water in the morning too, and I all ready started to feel better afterwards. So in reference, you can cure a sore throat easily that way because the hot/warm water and the salt mixed together will get the bacteria in clump I suppose when you gargle and spit it out. The salt hurts though, so I’m always reluctant to do it, but if you want to stave off that illness, everyone should do this. I think last year was the only year I didn’t get a sore throat… darn. 😐

This morning I’ve found comfort in rice porridge, I haven’t had it in a long time. Rice is my comfort food, especially the long grain Thai rice. It’s still sticky and sweet and I can probably eat it any day but if you eat too much you might get heartburn… if it’s plain, but if you have some veggies it helps. I actually didn’t know how to make it until this morning. I was looking for just plain congee but there were all these recipes that told you get broth. Hell, I don’t have freaking chicken broth. Water works, and I know it does because my mom makes it this way. But I can’t call her because my parents’ only phone is my dad’s cell phone. And my mom was probably getting ready for work and my dad was probably sleeping or something. I just looked it up and the ratio is 1 cup of rice to 6 cups of water. But while making it, I think I left the heat on for too long so all the water evaporated, I had to boil separate water and add more. It was fine though, I like it thick and plain with a lot of soy sauce. That’s how my grandma used to make it when I was sick as a kid. But there are probably certain types of congee, I notice that with meet it’s a little more watery, and I actually don’t like it that way so it’s not so fulfilling. You can get hungry faster that way because it’s basically just watery liquid.

Anyway, I think I’ve talked enough about rice porridge, it’s a no-brainer to make.

Figure Drawing, value practice

This I did on David Lee’s Thursday workshop, and the her face was hard to do actually. I did this on tone paper because we are working on value in my intermediate figure drawing class. I need to do 2 more pictures… Hopefully, I’ll feel better tomorrow to do that.

These are my intro to anatomy studies, we are look at the quads, the hamstrings, and basically the entire thigh. I had the first one on tone paper so it’s a little blue for some reason even though I think the paper was a cream color. It might have been a setting on my camera… Aye.

Been sleeping the whole day and being on the computer makes me super sleepy and it hurts my eyes. So I’m going to bed early.




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2 responses to “Week 9, A transition into a new month

  1. Visarut

    I’ve never heard of twitter either until it was brought up in a conversation with some of my classmates about marketing + promoting your art website. I’ve look around and it seems reliable even through most of my friends don’t even know what it is, that’s all right through. I tend to use it for my global announcement updates of my art site / blog and novel (I know I am in no position to write one because of my poor English … but it helps bring some of my artwork to life so wtheck)

    And I just looked up that 30 Day Challenge with Ed Dale … wah? 0_0; Well I don’t have any plan to market myself at that rate because I am a fresh artist, I have no experience with managing business globally just yet.

    I wouldn’t say that I am good Tannie, I try to draw as much as I can but there has been a lot of ups and down in life so I can’t really focus that much. I feel that I am developing a style of my own but as in “being good”, well nah I don’t think so =| There is so much to learn in such a small amount of time. And I will surely link you to my site once I bring it up next month.

    Everyone’s life is different, I believe you are sacrificing as much time as me in art as well. Maybe I am pushing myself too hard, I don’t even know anymore. There are those days where I sit down and just can’t draw anything, maybe my mom is right about being in the “mood” to draw because I find it hard to sit down and finish up at least one artwork every night. With all of the projects from my classes in the back of my head that I need to finish up (and I am not those kind of student who tend to half ass my work, so I spent a lot of time on it … way too much sometimes.) there are some days where I just snap and then burned out just like that.

    That pokemon quote is cool! And it is true, there is always someone better then you. So that should push you to work harder, even through you might never surpass that person above you but at least it’ll get you way far from the ordinary crowd. Oh by the way, I never knew that gargling salt + warm water helps with sore throat 0_0; That was a very helpful tip dude! Keep Arting and I hope your arm gets better!

  2. The third figure’s stance is great, you have a clear weight bearing leg so the figure is grounded. Good job!

    … and thanks for your comment on my blog.


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