Week 10

Wah, naturally, I’ll post more anatomy hw. And this week features the lower leg muscles, the calf and … some other ones.

Okay, I messed up on the foot a little, but I wasn’t feeling the whole charcoal thing at the moment so I went with graphite.

I used a darker sanguine than before, and I made sure to put some different toning than before. I’ll say, it’s pretty neat. Screwed up a little on the side of the thigh I can see. I’m starting to like using conte crayon because it’s not as messy as charcoal, although, the big stick is hard to control… only because I didn’t sharpen it to a point. It’s kind of wasteful like that… haha.. yeah.

Good news is that I’m starting to pay attention to the weight on the feet. I did before, but now I’m actually making myself pay more attention to it. Heh…

I feel so weird now because I’m not worrying about anything anymore. Maybe because I’ve worried so much  that all my worries went away. And I’m directing my wishes into the air. I don’t know, I just woke up feeling quite good. Perhaps it was because I was sleeping on the floor, or maybe I dreamt something that put me in a good mood. I remember my dream pretty well, but not thoroughly. See, I think I dreamt about this Jrock band “Nightmare” so like… they were trapped in a room, and I volunteered myself to help them out. I don’t know if I promised to get them out or something – I think I did, but when I went to get “supplies” I was at a supermarket buying food? Hahaha… and I specifically remember trying to find the laughing cow cheese, but there was a “pig” brand too and it was cheaper so I was like.. “hmm… what should I buy?” I was only looking at the pictures more than what kind of cheese types it was selling. I don’t think I bought anything. I met up with my brother there and he said something to me about “my screaming rockbands” and perhaps something about me incapable of helping them. He followed me afterwards to see what I was doing. And I met up with the band again, and there was this girl who spotted us trying to escape. She wanted to tell the other girls but she hurt her index finger, scratching it maybe.. and then the leader went over and licked her finger… So, I’m like… ‘okay?’ The girl swoons and she doesn’t say anything more and lets us to our business. There could have been a hole because the next thing I knew I was falling and knocking into some toy soldiers and we were back in the same room…. So I have… no idea if I even got the whole dream right, I only remember pictures here and there.

Sigh.. but I must get back to work. Until next time…

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4 thoughts on “Week 10

  1. Oh … oops! Man, that teacher of yours must have been working way too hardcore over at Lucas Film!

    Hey I really appreciate you explaining to me about the Dove! I did ask my mom but that symbols with the bird wasn’t in her department (I was in shock, I thought my mom knew everything haha) But thank you for that Tannie, hopefully that dove comes back to my window tomorrow. And I try to keep it at my window (aka lure it, I am not mean enough to trap the poor thing) by putting a bit of cooked rice outside my window … the Dove hasn’t show up in the past two days. And my Filipino neighbor (all girls) are going like “did your rice cooker broke or something?” xD Man, now I look like an idiot with a bunch of rice outside my window ahahaha. Hopefully the dove will drop by tomorrow morning to hang out by my window again.

    I find the 30 day challenge to be difficult as well even though I’ve made no attempt at starting it. There is so much stuff already happening in my life that I can’t seem to find time and dedicate 30 days to that challenge, it would be way too stressful. I think we all (art students) should just make the best of our education while we have the chance, and if there is time then we can put those time into side projects (in my case then is my art website). You’ll have time soon Tannie, just make sure you keep rockin with your art classes, main priority!

    With my novel … man I don’t even want to think about it. So many projects in my head right now, information overload fa sho. And I believe Art Center does require you to finish up an English class. I am not certain since some private art school don’t really care about your GE’s as long as you meet the criteria of their degree, but I am kind of sure that Art Center is one of those school that requires you to finish up your GEs. I’ve finish my English requirement (oh thank Buddha!) and there is a few left for my GE (History, Science, you know … the blah blah department) >_<;

    I am way too occupied with my 5 art classes this semester, there was room for me to fit my science class but I rather stay “okay” then go insane. Have a good week Tannie, talk to you next time!

  2. Hi there: I presently teach a nursing foot care course, and absolutely love this drawing; do u mind if I use it as an intro in my lower leg assessment?

  3. Hi Andrea, thanks for getting in touch and asking. Sure you can use it, though I’m not sure which one? haha Well, it doesn’t really matter, just a small credit in your reference list is suffice-able. 🙂

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