As of late and hair stuff

I don’t particularly feel like going into the details, but I’ve been busy for the past week. It’s mainly do to stress and worry, I’ve been telling myself to stop worrying though.  Money problems induce all kinds of stress. Well, I don’t have much of an update. I’ll just post some hand and foot studies.

I just bought some soap nut powder from, maybe after a few days I will announce my results, for now, my hair seems pretty dry, but it was like that before from using the blow dryer. However, the top of my head is quite healthy since it’s been growing out steadily, and touching it, I can feel it being soft. I can’t really say at this stage. It was interesting and sticky, the smell/powder can certainly get up your nose.  I wasn’t really sure how much powder I needed, my hair is fairly long, but most of the sites say 1tbsp, but they don’t tell how much water. I put too much water, it was suppose to become pasty. Aye… I ended up using like… 5 tbsp just for 1/4 water.. no even less than that I think. But… I wanted to save the rest for some other time like tomorrow, but with my long hair, I just used it all up. Hopefully, I won’t lose anymore strands and the bathroom won’t become a mess, and I’ll get more growth. 😀 I’ve been waiting for it to grow longer and thicker. Plus, I used a chemical straightener last year, it totally ruined my scalp, I started to flake because my mom overused the chemicals, and I was just losing hair like crazy, it was horrible, I thought I was going bald even though it was straight and manageable for about six months. I decided to just leave it to grow out naturally now, I’d rather have healthy looking hair than something temporary. I tried that also when I bleached it just so I could dye it purple. I guess this is the downside to black hair, it doesn’t eat color dyes very well.

Lately, I’ve been over thinking about this chance encounter I had at the Huntington Gardens my junior year in high school, I don’t I’ll ever forget. I kind of wonder what types of pictures that photographer took. I’d be interested to see for myself. Hmm….

I’ve been studying up with Pimsleur’s Ultimate Japanese, and it’s been helping a lot. It takes a lot of brain power though, you really can’t multi-task when you listen. It’s interesting audio because the speakers have you repeat the last word, like say “repeat” would be “peat…. peat…. re… re…. repeat… repeat” so it’s like that. And it helps a lot, because sometimes they say it so fast you can’t catch the last words, so when you’ve all ready said it you’ll at least pick up that last part. You can only listen to one lesson a day, less your brain explode. It’d be nice to know 12 different language, but I don’t know if my brain has that capacity …ahaha.. I’d be down with 6 too.

Quick Hand study

Feet study

Proportions were a little off here and there, but it was mostly 5 minutes for each of them. I’m okay with hands and feet, but I real lazy when I have to sit down for an hour to do a detailed drawing. 😐


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