Finals are over!

Okay, so there’s been a lot of gaps I need to fill. First my friends to visit me last Saturday, it was totally cool, I had a kickin’ time because I needed some human contact and also, they got me to go dancing. If anyone know me, they’d be surprised  that I actually did. And I learned how to by watching everyone else. Dancing can feel awkward until you stop thinking and just do.

And the headphones from Skullcandy came.. the right earphone broke so I sent it back via limited lifetime warranty, it was so cool until I fucked up and cut throught the box. It was so hard, I didn’t know it was unprotected so I cut the cords… 😦 So now it’s my fault and I can’ t send it back… NOOOO!! Well, I’m over it. They have good service, so I’ll just get another pair, or just a better headset instead of earphones. I’ve been without my ipod and it’s really… fine without them. In high school, I remember how I’d use to sigh that I didn’t have one, but it’s actually a very limited thing to use. I’d only use it every now and then, and even when I brought it to school, I had to listen to lectures anyways.

And I went to the mall on tuesday after class, it was let out early. I was looking for a job, but I ran into this cart vendor because this guy asked me if I wanted to try some lotion. And that was where he lured me in. It was so subtle I didn’t really know how to respond. So he kept me there for about an hour, and he was like… giving me “free” stuff with my purchase like… $146 bucks with this body scrub, body butter, and this facial thing… ah! And then he was like… afterwards he had me try these facial things for people with zits… I don’t know if he felt sorry for me but he kept lowering the price and finally had me pay $170 more because one was $200 and the other one was $150.. so like… ahh!! Of course it’s a lie… just because it’s their price doesn’t mean that’s what it actually cost to make that stuff…. maybe the import was high, but still… you know… We’ll see… in 3 months if he’s kept his word or not and that I didn’t spend $200 for naught. That guy was nice, still a salesman though, they can stretch the truth pretty darn good and he was being pretty forceful; I felt cornered…. I might as well say that I got the stuff from “Instant Beauty” and the products I bought were from Premier and they use minerals from the Dead Sea.

So there was some potential things I could have done to ward this off:

  1. Avoided the lotion and forget about the term “free” there’s always a catch. Always.
  2. Act disinterested, or at least decline the buy, I still had my debit in hand. I don’t know why I wasn’t completely aware of this. Never settle for the first price if it isn’t all ready labeled on it.
  3. I really didn’t need it, so I should have said that I didn’t need it, but he’s lucky my hands are dry because of all the art stuff that I do.
  4. Said that I was broke, and couldn’t afford any of it – which is true.

Right, so like I said… if my face should get better, I’ll believe that this was actually worth it. Hopefully, I can stretch this for more than a year… 😀

Anyway, the last assignment from a week ago for intro to anatomy. We focused on all the muscles and did a compositional work. In case it looks confusing, that’s a tree on the left in a big vase thing, and the two people are surrounded by drapes.

I used black sanguine and white conte and charcoal.


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