Practicing with Prismacolor Pencils

So it’s really a lot harder than it looks. I realized today that a lot of my drawings kind of come out cartoon-y. For now, I’m just awestruck with some people who can use color pencils and make it look like a photo.

I’ve only been handy with charcoal, but really, I don’t know about other kinds of mediums that well. I guess that’s why I’m in art school. I want to feel handy with all the tools I can snag. An artist should be someone who’s able to put an image from his head and place it on something in front of him to give it life. I really feel like I haven’t reached that level, so what kind of artist am I? What am I?

The apartment stuff has really been a hassle, to the say the least. It’s such a bother, but complaining will get you nowhere. I’ve decided to go home for the summer while still taking online classes. This way, I’m only paying tuition and my parents can take care of the living aspect and then I will return to SF in the fall. I’ll also try to find a job too. I can get stepped on pretty easily, socially that is. Need to learn how to stand up for myself and not let other people bother me. But one thing though, I don’t like to be mean. My brother is taking back the bible he leant me. D: I totally ruined the inside and I’m actually sorry it happened. I don’t know, it’s not that I try to disrespect his stuff, it’s just that I don’t care for things like he does. They get battered. Hmm.. Maybe that says something.  I think I will miss my brother when I leave.  He’s been a big part of my growth so far. I’ve never hugged him spontaneously, it’s just odd. There was a discussion on The Evil Empire, one person started a thread on incest. I don’t think it’s possible when the siblings have lived together all their lives, but it makes sense when they’ve been separated at birth. But I don’t sympathize for these kinds of relationships. The modern world is romanticizing everything they see or feel sorry for. Like.. that one samurai movie with Tom Cruise. Samurais are cool but that world is nonexistent now. And castles… are really bad places to live, my little ponies and princesses in pink dresses – they never existed like that.

Some things I’m just working on… A little lazy to do the details. I hate doing hair, but art nouveau… I think I’ll start leaning that way because the style is very simple, but the face and the skin in Alfonse Mucha’s stuff, it’s pretty realistic. There is just a lot of outlining in the entire art. But I like that so. We’ll see…


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