Some stuff I’ve found online

So I found this video off another blog site, which is a very useful site for designers, but geared to industrial designers. Also some funny links.

The fedex furniture, I found through Core77. I thought it’d be cool since being a college student, it’s expensive to really buy anything. So I’m thinking about making actual fedex furniture… hahah… But I dunno, I’d have to find some boxes, y’know.. Having a chair would be nice…

One of my friends is graduating this morning at 11:30. I should get ready in about an hour. I’ve also been trying to do her portrait since I won’t see her after this summer. For some reason, I’m having the worst time trying to draw her perfectly. But I think it’s because I forgot the fundamentals of basic shapes and also aligning her faces at the right places. I’ve never had this problem while in class… what the heck?! Anyways… I’ll post up for the spring show I saw yesterday. It was okay, probably more fun if someone was with me or something, but that’s fine. There were some amazing projects. Although I stayed way too long, I was just waiting for the hors d’oeuvres because I didn’t have dinner.. haha…


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