Moving Home for Summer

So it looks like I opted the easy route, but what’s easy anyways? I’m going home for summer and I feel as if that even if it’s home, this will most certainly be a test for endurance and strong will… HRGH! Seriously… -_- Not only am I battling my own self, I’d be taking on my mom’s criticisms, my dad’s obnoxious comments, and lots of walking. AGH! Yes. It’s difficult. Sigh. Well, the OC is a fucking shithole. It’s hot, it’s hard to get a job, it’s a fake plastic county with superficial toxic waste. This is like.. the ultimate test. O_O. I’d love to have a studio home somewhere in a rural area where I’ll be surrounded by trees. ah~… So I’ve finally decided to call Teri loans to get my summer tuition paid, but I didn’t realize that Memorial Day was today. And it took a lot of energy to actually make myself call them. Tomorrow! Must do tomorrow…

I sort of feel unmotivated. If there is one thing I want to try this summer is join a theater/drama group or something and learn performing arts. That would probably be a real eye-opener, I don’t mind at all. I don’t have much else to say. This summer is a weird arrangement.

So I must prepare to sleep. That is.. good night.


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