Summer is sooo hawt!

It’s incredibly hot at home, but thank god there is a swimming pool in our backyard. Anyways, I’ve been internet handicap for a while, although I shouldn’t say this but right now someone has not protected their router. But I’m internally grateful because how else will I attend online summer school?

A poem for now:

My Daemon

I take it to heart that
my Soul has been handed to me
in the shape of a fuzzy,
purple and green turtle.

He demands full attention and love.

Perching atop my shoulders,
he squawks of silly, stupid things,

jumps up my head tugging my hair,
and looks at me with beady eyes.

But I swat him away…
he merely hides in my blankets
like a gopher critter.

Rolling my eyes, finally,
I hand him hugs and kisses,
in which he shuts up for a moment,
and I get quiet peace.


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