AH! It’s JULY!!! O_O

Anyway, it’s not that big of a surprise, but damn, I didn’t do anything here for about a month besides that poem I just submitted. But limited internet = no interest in internet. That’s how it is. I’ve been doing some school projects, so I can post things. Oh my goodness. But I apologize for not posting anything for my own interests.. Right now, I’m in a tight spot. About to move again. You get tired, but I can either a) complain and mope about it or b) just deal with it as it goes since it’s all ready happening. I go with “b.”

So I found out that Art Center doesn’t do online learning. I needed that so bad, and I understand it’s crucial to be in school for long periods of time but 5 days a week is a little much for me. Well… it’s the really the gas bill that bothers me. Fountain Valley to Pasadena is around 1 and half hours. That’s terrible when you’re not living in L.A. — it would have been an easier commute but no… I’ll be going to Elk Grove.. or someone near San Jose or Sacramento where my parents will find comfort in a Vietnamese community. I understand and I will not complain. Life’s tough when your dad is unemployed, your mom is working 60 hours and paying for a big old house they’re not even finished paying for. I’ll miss my friends for sure, I find value in them like I have never before, indeed they are valuable to me and dear in my heart. Some would be surprised though… if they heard me. But people are just valuable in general — there are mean people, yes — but still valuable. If I could explain it, I would, but it’s hard to.

And Tannie is a chameleon, she can shapeshift into any environment.

I’ve been taking color and design and creative writing. Some stuffs:

mute chartportrait comp flame red & blue greenportrait comp cadmium yellow & blue-violet

color and design thumbnailsfinal piece - rectangles

I’m quite tired from swimming earlier today. At another time, I’ll explain what I learned while at Art Center and why I still like AAU


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