Anime Expo and related things

So I’ve gone to Anime Expo on Thursday and Saturday. It wasn’t too bad this year, I think there was only 34,000 attendees on day 2 or exceeds that, but last year was over 41,000 people. I know it was because of SKIN. I had no idea who the other guests of honors were besides the Pokemon director, in which I don’t remember his name. But I did see Shokotan in concert, I didn’t know who she was, but she’s so cute. Energetic Japanese girls are cute, if they’re too sweet, it’s over doing it sometimes… Her singing was okay, but I’m not sure if it was her natural voice sometimes, because it would have a distinct “low” key that some Japanese singers do…. I dunno. I only saw the last 10 minutes.. haha… we ended up going to eat and then to a room to pick up tickets, but no one was there to give it to me and my friend, so we left because they said it was being passed out. Sometimes… It gets so disorganized and shifty…. sigh..

I’m kind of changing my taste in music, some j-rockers like dir en grey don’t even appeal to me anymore, as for Miyavi, he’s still good eye-candy but I don’t like his style all too much. Yoshiki will probably be well liked for a long time though because he does elegant classical music. I’m a huge Goldfrapp fan now, they make me wanna dance~! And they always have crazy-cool music videos.

Anyway, I saw my banners at the exhibit hall doors — I was so proud… It was great to see my hard work paid off, y’know? And there was also the bg for the custom photos that the AX photographer was doing. Whatever was cute was mine. Haha… it seems that I can do cute things quite well and effortlessly. I’ll upload my work when I have some more free time.

Speaking of cute, one of my friends bought a panda hat at a vendor. They’re expensive, but sooooo adorable. Price does vary with whatever kind you get…. wish I could buy one, but I’ve splurged on other things all ready, when you’re a college student, everything is must be done in moderation….


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