Anime Expo LACC South Hall Doors aka Exhibit Hall entrance

Missing the last three panels because my camera died right when I clicked it… sigh… Oh well. I didn’t realize that the camera didn’t take it until too late. Well, these are good resume builders aren’t they? I didn’t quite realize that Zelda Wang’s copyright on the characters were still there, so maybe some people think she did them..? haha.. I wouldn’t be surprised, but I didn’t know you could modify the mascots really. In the end, they belong to AX. I knew this when I signed up. One thing to add though, is that I value hard work so any effort I put in is genuine. Like… all art assignments that I get, I put in a lot of effort. It took me a long time to put all these together, and that’s why I’m so proud. 😀

On the other hand, I care about my own creations a lot, so I’m skeptical about putting them on for show online. >< I shouldn’t be scared though, I guess you gotta take chances, right?


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