Art Center vs. Academy Art University

So I said I was going to point out the reasons for not going to Art Center. My visit on new student night was quite pleasant. On campus, it had a lot of foliage, something that I admire in a school, quite a big campus — although I was only in one area. They had 2 separate campuses and a lot of parking space…  Students drive here all the time because there is no dorming. The admissions wrote that they would offer help in searching for apartments nearby. There was a city down the hills. On the drive there, I saw many residential homes that were on the hills. Art Center is elevated pretty high. The homes I drove by, looked like rich homes, probably very expensive? I don’t know the region, but considering it’s so close to LA, yeah, it’s going to be expensive.

During the introduction, they were explaning some things and doing a presentation, showing us pictures from several departments. I liked the idea about how they were going to teach students. Many art schools offer foundation classes, but this is where Art Center differs from other art schools. They don’t have foundation classes, that’s why it’s important that you pick a major as soon as you enroll so that you can jump right into the action. Some people can finish in 2 to 3 years, they have a year-round program I think. I’m not sure how they work. A lot of the work they give you is pretty much hands on. Going to school is 5 days a week. It’s right next to LA so they keep up with modern technologies and art in everyday, etc. Classes will most likely be close knit because you’ll be sticking to your department.

At AAU is different. My decision in going here, I can say, was a good choice. I’m going to have to be picky with them though. The office is old school and sometimes they’ll make you incredibly confused. I just think sometimes that they admissions counselor was an idiot for making me take intro to computers for macs. It was a waste, it was like I was taking computer graphics in high school all over again except we were using macs. The nice thing about art schools is the discount on computers and programs, AAU has discounts with Apple and also with Adobe programs.

AAU has good teachers as any art school because the only reason I love it here so much is that I’m learning so much from them. College really is a business, you might as well milk all you can because of the large sum your paying. This year I have loaded up on so much loans, I’m not telling how much but I can say, it’s been a pain with money. That’s the only problem, all my stress pimples come up because of my financial instability. Even online is a good learning experience, even though the instructors teach less, the assignments that they give you is pretty good. I’ve had some fun doing my stuff even though I get lazy now and then. The whole learning experience online is dependent on you, the student, so if you want to get good, that means putting in the hours, it’s the same in class. I see a lot of students how turn in mediocre work. I often wonder why when they are paying so much.

Some updates on this subject: I do agree that the technology is a little outdated, I’ve been taking online courses all summer long and up to this point — 17 Oct 2008. It’s been okay but I’m more prone to loose thinking and feeling pity for myself. It’s not especially healthy.

And because of money issues and the recession, I’m reluctant to go dorm in San Fran. It’s such a lovely city, which is why the Academy has a strong allure, but San Francisco is an expensive city to live in. I don’t have a job yet so it makes it a little difficult to find a place to live. I’ve been living with my parents for the duration of summer and fall this year. It was so difficult to get myself to wake up early and get started on my assignments starting fall. Summer was fast paced so I had to keep up no matter what. But taking online classes can get reallly boring. I’m lonely without other aspiring art students and I’m incredibly cautious when critiquing people. I don’t like offending people but it’s just so… They don’t suck, I’m just very critical.

I try to compare my own skills to what an Art Center might have to do. I’ve heard stories when Keith was there as a student so they would step on your art if it wasn’t up to par. Maybe that was figurative of him to do… haha… Last Spring I had the best instructors on site. But now… I’ve got some okay instructors. They’re nothing I can be proud up except for the english/history teachers. Their enthusiasm is commendable and that’s why I like my english and history class so far.

This is a personal experience from me and if my thoughts are not coherent as Jake (the Flamer — I like that! hahaha.. I deleted his comment from here and posted it elsewhere) said then I apologize and hope you still understand.



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8 responses to “Art Center vs. Academy Art University

  1. Sergio

    my daughter is 12 years of age and she is very intersted in going to a art university for anime and art and graph all that good stuff i would like for one of your reps to call me at 760 981 4209 my two daughters are the once that i what you see their drawings maybe just becasuse im the father i may thing they have a gift and need to show them how to expand their knowleage or email me

  2. Kana

    Hi, I noticed this was posted years ago, but I have a few questions I wanted to ask you. I want to attend the Academy of Art University online for maybe about a year or two before I actually transfer out onto campus due to financial reasons. How are the online classes like and is it worth it? Also do you know if we have to use a MAC? How has your years been at AAU?

  3. Chiryuu

    Personally, I think you might be better off going to a community college, so you can make up for their required english and science classes and history classes. If you’ve got great scores for your AP tests, it’s possible to switch it out. Although their language arts department is much more oriented to creativity and for art students. Attending online can be just as rewarding, but I wouldn’t do it for more than a year. Right now, I’m pretty sick and tired of taking all online classes, I’ve done that for 1 and half years. So I’ve moved back to SF and from what I can see, you get so much more out of attending oncampus classes — if you ever want to learn how to network and get into internships or find out more about working in the industry, which is for the companies. I would suggest taking online classes if you are familiar with the art market all ready and do not need much direction. Or in need of lots of time, perhaps you want to take on a part-time job. Otherwise, you might graduate and be completely unprepared with your portfolio, and that would not be good..

    Macs are still industry standard, but you can use whatever you want. I am thinking about going back to PC in a couple of years because I want to get into PC-gaming, but Macs are pretty nice as they make things much easier for you and crashes less when using multiple programs (it makes it easier to multi-task). They are also user-friendly.

    My years at AAU has been both good and bad; my experiences are defined by my relationships with my teachers and peers. It’s been mostly good so far. What most students hate is actually the office building and the way the school is being run. Being online, you do not sense these kinds of things, but sometimes you start to question whether or not it’s really worth it. But always, I think you get more out of the art school experience if you are there personally. I still take language arts classes online because it saves time. But I hardly talk to anybody in the online classes, it’s very unresponsive. Better to just speak to your mirror, at least you get an echo. SF is definitely not a cheap place to live, but I decided that it would be worth it for the experience you get. Plus, it’s really motivating to see guest speakers. I’ve made more friends going to events than I do just sitting and doing work only. I’ve only had bad teacher experiences online, mostly. But it’s just much easier to speak to teachers in person; you get more help. Overall, my skill improves every year, so I know their program works, but I wish the school cared a little more for their student’s well-being…

  4. Kana

    Thanks for your response. This really helps out a lot. I have been looking into which art schools I should attend, but by far I wasn’t so sure which art school was worth the education and cost. Also, I am just curious but are you living in the dorms/residence halls, or an apartment?

  5. Chiryuu

    I know how you feel. If anybody wants to go into the creative fields, you have to take a leap of faith and know that what you’re investing in is worth it in the beginning because you can incur $20,000 in debt just in your first year. But if you find a good job right out of college, then it wouldn’t be a big deal. Freelancing wouldn’t help with that, but probably working in industry. There is always a trade off, but know that there is no real security in any job. It’s important to keep things in perspective and know what you can and cannot do. It’s okay to take out loans, but I suggest to be extremely careful since our economy is in it’s stages of recovery at the moment.

    I have a friend in CSULB and I get the impression that the art department, although good, is very competitive because it’s a Calstate and it’s not private, which equals more students. I never had too much problems when I register for a class compared to her since she is competing with a couple hundred compared to me dealing with perhaps 100 others.

    I’m the last and third child in my family, the other two went into state colleges, but I’ve pretty much been groping in the dark. There was not much people around me to help with my decision-making, since I don’t think others really knew that much about good art colleges. They give you a list of the schools, but it’s hard to choose. It’s comparable to choosing the right medicare or health insurance. How do you know which one is right for you? The thing is, you don’t really know. But maybe in several alternative universes the you in each world went to each schools you considered with different results. 😛

    I’m currently residing in an apartment/townhouse, 20 min bus ride to school. The school has its own shuttle, but it only takes you to Academy buildings. I only dormed the 1 semester, so I could have time to scout for an apt. Didn’t really get to do that, but I did it to network mostly. There is a lot of problems with the dorms, I recommend looking for an apartment instead.

    I had to go to the city during August and scout for 5 days, that is actually a bit too short, but I lucked out with my place since it’s cheap and commuting isn’t so bad.

  6. Kana

    I know it’s quite a risky attempt, but in the end it may actually be a good attempt.
    Hey, I really appreciate your responses and suggestions, I will definitely keep them in mind.
    I wish you the best of luck in all you do, and that you make a great portfolio in your quest of obtaining a job upon/after graduation. Hopefully all goes well for you in the end, go do what you came to do at AAU.

  7. This specific article, “Art Center vs. Academy Art University
    | Transcient Cafe” was perfect. I am creating out a duplicate
    to show my buddies. Many thanks,Charla

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