Things that people have given me

 1) the blessings you were born with, advantages, good fortune, your personal bounty

  • I’ve got 2 parents that care 🙂
  • I’m not allergic to anything, maybe a little seafood, but that was a long time ago.
  • I’m not ugly… hahaha
  • I have a natural talent for drawing, writing, and cooking
  • I’m not living in a dump… ^_^
  • I’m not poor
  • People always take care of me wherever I go


2) gifts you’ve earned and gifts you’ve nurtured

  • Boo Boo has given me: hugs, kisses, migraines, and ideas
  • My sister bought me: sketchbooks, pencils, oil pastels, prismacolor pencils, a desk easel, a 30 gb ipod
  • My dad got me: glasses, seagate 250 gb ex. hard drive, I guess you can include a room…, Raphael Stuffie (TMNT — trying to get rid of a certain turtle), and 3 other turtle stuffies, a desk, a lamp, a bookcase, printer/scanner/copy machine
  • Too many different people got me stuff animals
  • My brother gave me: his hand me downs when I was 4-8 yrs old (haha), Sicune, knowledge and steps to wisdom
  • My mom: … clothes? I don’t know which ones anymore, but they’re mostly red/pinks/oranges for some reason
  • Andrea: personal letters and postcards, stickers
  • Nate: insight
  • Aemer: letters and greetings
  • Susie has given me: X-mas cards, fun times, a canvas painting of Naruto char, pen nibs and inks, indian inks
  • Nguyen has given me: fun times, hugs, apples, nectarines, ice cream, M&M’s, amber spray, juniper lotion, knit socks, rides
  • Spam: Bday greetings, a dark blue knit hat to fight the cold, rides, hugs
  • Donald: 2 yr old strawberry black tea, there’s… more? but I can’t remember
  • Khang: a really neat plaid, brown scarf; mini-gundam (but he’s missing an arm! -_-)
  • Dan: $10 for my bday, hamburgers
  • Johnny: A chicken, Nissan noodles, attitude
  • Alan: (see above), Kapibara-san, See’s candies, his internet
  • Kim: a pair of gloves, a tank top, coconut hand sanitizer, hugs
  • Kathy: hugs, candies, this cute little green stocking
  • Visarut: Lots and lots of inspiration
  • Mr. Clark: a calendar page featuring 3 poodles conspiring to kill their owner
  • Ms. Nesbit: Bath & Body Works spray, lotion, the messager thinger, and brownies and cookies
  • Ms. Mai & Ms. Lyon: time
  • Chase Wang & SPJA peoples: opportunities

3) then those of which just appeared. However they’ve come to you, these gifts can lead you to live an inspired inner and outer life.

  • Missing things that come back
  • this summer’s internet thanks to my neighbors 😛
  • people lending me their laptops
  • Shocks and surprises
  • Adventure
  • life has shown me random people
  • wake up calls
  • life
I see that I am very fortunate. When you add so many things together you kind of realize that you’re very lucky! But I’ve received many gifts in my life that it’s almost impossible for me to do it all…

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