Unhappy visitor?

“Your blog is shit. Learn how to write. Learn correct grammar. Learn to organize your thoughts. Learn how to write a thesis statement and back it up. Most of all, write something interesting. Hope your artistic abilities are better than your writing abilities, or you’re going to have to serve a lot of burgers to pay off those college loans.”

Well first off, “Jake” that’s really obstinate of you to say because that really put me off. I’m obviously not over it because I am posting it. Second off, no one told you to read my shit blog, so thanks, seriously. Be a normal person and click away. Third off, it’s my blog so that means I can be as ditzy as I want. As I type, this is my actual voice instead of a stiff that is so insecure about his grammar that he’s to make it perfect. Oh and I don’t plan to serve burgers, I’d rather drown. Just from your comment, I can tell that you are: insecure, judgemental, and immature. If you wanted to be realistic, you’d have been polite at least a little in your comment. If you argue otherwise then it must be true. Give me a legitimate argument, fucker.


I’m still mad/sad, but I want to use the 5D Compassion for this.

+Some random user came along and posted a negative comment.

++From my POV, that really hurt my feelings (I’m extremely oversensitive, any negative comments can really push it), and I’m ANGRY that someone is so unthoughtful, also vamping my energy by making me think about too much.

+ From that dude’s POV, it sounded like he wanted to hurt me. But he is so peeved by my bad grammar that he had to comment. That’s understandable, everybody has things that they don’t like. Such as me, I don’t like an idiot when I see one. (How hypocritical is that?!) What we don’t like is what we don’t want to see in ourselves, so that’s why I said he was insecure…

+ From a third POV, this guys is a jerk, but she shouldn’t be put off by just one comment. What doesn’t kill you can only make you stronger. 

+ The world is my mirror. Who have I hurt recently? I don’t know, it might be unbeknowist to me, I don’t intentionally hurt people’s feelings, maybe my critiques at school are too hard core. I admit that I have a lot of standards when I look at other people’s drawings, I might have posted something unthoughtful too. 😐 I kind of asked this too when my knee sprained, but I let it go because I really have no clue. Maybe someone in SF, but she hurts herself in ways that I can’t stop. Or in a previous time frame, I was a real bitch so now, the dog is biting back.

Edit #2: I just realized I said something to my friend Susie 2 nights ago. I said, “95% of the people you meet are people you don’t like.” I believed it. So maybe, just by the fact that I wrote (words carry strong meaning) those, it’s coming true. 😐 On 2 levels: I believe, but I know it’s not true. Most people you meet right away are not assholes. I’d like to thank my offender for helping me realize this mistake. I’ve many mistakes that I seem to overlook because I’m only looking in one direction. And I really can’t help the way I talk, so I might as well like the unique aspect of the way I think.

But y’know, now I feel better. People get bogged down by shit all the time. Isn’t it sad how it’s other people that make life into an issue? I’m not alone, there’s someone out there who has also got a similar comment. And that guy is not a threat, I just deleted his comment. I don’t deserve stuff like this though, the next time, I’m going to open a can of WHOOP-ASS! Just kidding. 😀

Reality is how you make it, so if you’re really focused on stupid people then you will see stupid people all the time. Maybe if “Jake” looks for people with good grammar, a thesis, organized thoughts, and interesting topics, he will find people with good grammar, a thesis, organized thoughts, and interesting topics. There, I said it. It’s not that I don’t care, but I wished for more challenges because you have a potentially to reach an even higher level if you can over come it. That way, I can face my fears. 🙂 Hooray for David Hawkins.


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One response to “Unhappy visitor?

  1. Your post about Jake made me laugh. I also like the way you worked through that. 🙂

    “Hey Jake, go police somebody else’s blog”

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