Hello Again :D

Tomorrow is SCHOOL. :O “dun dun dunnn!” Actually, not so bad. $320 total for art supplies. What did a buy? Paint, canvases and pencils. A lot of other things too, but that was the majority of it. What classes do I have? Still life painting. Intermediate anatomy. Clothed figure drawing. And art history through the 15th century.

I’m waiting on my art books. I’m excited for the Yasushi Suzuki book to come because I ordered it with the George Bridgman Constructive Anatomy book and Barbara Bradley’s Drawing People. I’m really going to try and get more art books because I think it’s important to have reference at hand when you don’t have any initial ideas. George Bridgman tends to draw in a sketchy-line kind of way, some of it is sporadic strokes, but powerful. Like he knows exactly what he’s doing. They’re also very baulky drawings so for anatomy you can see the underlining muscles, it helped me so much for intermediate figure drawing. My instructor, Keith Wicks is really knowledgeable too and I’m glad he made us do exercises from that book. Personally, I saw my line work turn great because of having the reference. I recommend George Bridgman for studying. I’m going to keep all my art books, I think they’ll come in handy in the future.

I’m excited about clothed figure drawing, one thing I wish I could do it experience it oncampus, but that’s not possible. During the last month spring semester, I saw some of the models dressing up in different costumes. The one I specifically remember is one model was a nurse and another was surgeon acting out a surgury scene on a plastic dummy. It was great. Yeah! 😀 Most of my references now is based on pictures. Now I feel like I should work twice as hard as being on campus, because being online, there is a great distance to my old peers and instructor. Not to mention tedious hours in front of a computer screen.

One other notes, I had received mail from a company called Record Devisions. If you typed in “Imperial Majesty Cruise Line Vacations,” I so did not expect to see a link to ripoffreport.com. Honestly, I wasn’t going to even reply, I just want to see if this was legit company. I have been scammed before and it’s not pretty. I feel sorry for some of the ex-employers, but I read through most of the comments, some people were genuine and some were disconnected. For the people who say “Take full responsibility for your actions,” yes, the consumer must accept that they made a mistake. But I want to say that it wasn’t entirely their fault for being, nor was it the employers that were forced to read off scripts, etc. These kinds of things happen from low consciousness to begin with. It is neither parties fault. You can’t just blow up and point blame at everything and everyone except you. That’s not right, but at the same time, it’s not your fault. I forgot where I got this but it makes sense: the human brain is like a brand new computer. It won’t know what to think unless you start programing and installing new software. That is what happens when you are brainwashed by society. But I’ve concluded that greed is a soul-eater. It is also a temptation that people can’t let go of because they’re so into material wealth that they simply can’t let go. I can assume that they’re root chakra is either closed off or too open. In life there is always balance, so when something is too open or it is closed, there is no balance.

I’m grateful that I had received warning about this though. These offers make it sound too good to be true. I was almost tempted but I have no idea where these fuckers got my address. Bitchass. Marketing is full of lies but people deny it by saying it’s something else. A lie is a lie, even if it’s a half-truth.

One thing I’m trying to learn is to feel my own pain and realize it’s presence. I had a good talk with my brother a few days ago. What he said, I couldn’t believe that it I didn’t remember any of my own life principles. Things take time to progress, just like nature and evolution taking a span of time to happen. Time is a word that is hard to let go. Time is a word that is describing sequential history, but does it really exist? What I’m trying to get at is that I was trying to make big leaps to try to understand life, meditation, and balance. Honestly, I dislike my fallen state. I want to climb up but don’t know how. Everyday is dreary, I wish for things to happen. “I’m fucking bored out of my mind. I don’t want to be here. I hate the desert. I feel like I’m melting. I’m unhappy living with my parents. I feel confined. I don’t want responsibility. Go do it yourself.” This is me when I’m grouchy and moody from the heat. I’m grouchy about 60% of the time now. I feel like my mentality drops and drops will keep dropping until I’m back to my old me. Do I endure and take the ultimate test of survival? I could always leave for San Francisco during spring ’09, I am still debating.

I’m serious about the heat though. It’s so hot in Murrieta, my brain melts, and I become disfunctional. Painting will surely be fun. In my past life, I lived in a snowy region. That’s my only explanation why I don’t like desert. If I had to pick a theme for myself, up in the mountains, living in a forest and a simple wooden home where the elves come to play at night.


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