Costumes and such

Wow, okay… so I didn’t know that “anime hot” link I had lead to a hentai site… :O *gasp! Those hat people should have picked another name that was less lewd instead of just changing it to ‘.net’. Seriously. My apologies if anyone clicked. 😐 Maybe I should just take it off. I wanted a free hat though. I’ll just have to learn how to make one myself then. Hmm…

On sewing businesses. I’m trying to decide what kind of halloween costume I’m making this year. I was thinking of one of Queen Amidala’s crazy outfits. I liked the one where Natalie Portman sported a white, beaded headress with 2 yellow orbs on the side. And there was something feathery on top. She wore something much like a kimono. The white headress looked crazy hard, but I think I’d do it just to go to Comic Con dressed like that.. hehe… Crazy Cosplayer. That’s me! Eh, but cosplaying is like… for people with an income. As for me, I currently have no money coming in. so…. hm…

There was Oren Ishii, but I would need a gang of Crazy 88’s and Gogo. But she would be easy to do, it was hard to see how she did her up-do though.

And lastly, if I made a pierrot costume nobody would no it was a pierrot because I get to be creative with it. Or a harlequin costume. I’ve done some sketching ideas for this, it’s like a hybrid clown almost. I wonder if I can make it exactly, so it’s only a rough sketch. I’d like to see the kinds of fabrics that would be good. But usually, I worry about the external parts like a mask, or if I decide to make a crazy looking head gear. How do I do those? I’m always curious about how people make certain things. Where do they get the resources. Who told them? Did they learn how to do it themselves? I’d like to know. People who build things amaze me because I certainly couldn’t do that. I’d draw it, but I cannot make it with my own hands most of the time.

Fashion isn’t something I’m particularly drawn to as a life long obsession, but it’s one of the few hobbies I’d like to get to know. I’ve always said, if I wasn’t so into illustration, I’d jump to fashion. Unfortunately, knitting still deludes me even though I’ve worked for Michael’s.

What I did today:

Haha… suppose to be the beginning of class. XD I’m so bad. I spent the whole day reading a story by Bleeding Air on I like her stories a lot a lot because the main character and the love interest is always so fucked up. That’s what makes it interesting, but if I saw this in real life, I’d be disgusted with violent people. And she’s good with characterizations, I hope she gets published. Maybe I’ll buy some of her books…. There’s something about reading these kinds of stories that belong to people who don’t have a name yet, but do things so well that inspires me. It makes me want to write! It makes me want to draw! But then it goes away. I used to be a frequent goer to read original online stories, first at quizilla (until I got sick of the fucking vamp stories) and the fictionpress has a lot more variety in stories. It was terrible because it was the only way to get my attention away from doing other things. I’m easily addicted. Quite terrible. Even the internet is addicting. It’s like I don’t know what to do when it’s not there. And when it’s not there I panic because I don’t know what else to do. My life is boring without internet. And I really don’t want to think like that. I want to get out of here and live like a total bohemian and like… I can deal with a simple living arrangement. I don’t need a big house, I just need a work desk and a drafting table. Somewhere I’ll have reachable shelves with supplies and off to the side, I can sleep on a small bed…

This is new house in Murrieta is way too big. My parents currently don’t have enough money to fill it up with furnitiure and it feels empty. Truth be told, I feel negative in my room. I feel it as I lay on my high bed, my sister’s old full bed, but now there’s a padded mattress so it is high. I feel like I’m being watched because of the dark corners of my room. But the thing is, it’s the hottest room, or what feels like, so I don’t think wary spirits come and go there. Just, not so good vibes. I need to somehow negate that energy. I plan to move my white tiger statue up there. It’s silly to think a little figurine I made during figure modeling would make me feel a little secure. I should take a picture and post them. I made all the four animal guardians: the black tortoise, white tiger, azure dragon, and red bird. Did you know that it is a misconception that the Suzaku bird is the same as Pheonix? It’s just that they’re both red and fiery so they seem alike. But I seem to like dragons ten times more. Maybe because I’m really an earth dragon. ^_^

Well, other than this shit, I should have been checking out my online classes and making my comments and looking at the dvds. But I’m not. Maybe after this, but hell… I’m procrastinating, and it’s that feeling that you know but can’t help but not do. GUAH! It’s like there’s an impending doooom….. Hahaha.. Making myself feel like drawing takes up all my focus and my energy. Please feel like attending class….


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