Work and work space

tasting freedom

tasting freedom

WOW, another picture! AND it’s in graphite. Aren’t I on a roll? Haha…. no, I’m just trying to avoid studying. 😐 I keep telling myself, “It’s not that bad! Just do it!” But I don’t feel like it…  WordPress should give you custom emoticons. I’d make them.  Anyway about the picture… didn’t take me too long, that’s why it’s rough-ish. Probably about 4 hours or so… I always start to see mistakes after I scan my pictures in though. Aye.. well, good enough. I just though, if I ever do a how-to-draw tutorial, it’d be so confusing. For this one, I just totally dove in, I filled in whatever shape I felt like and “molded” it into buildings. I took the girl from one of my old thumbnails during summer and flipped her over to make her fly up. The thumbnail had her flying down, but I rather like it this way better. The theme of the city completely had to revolve around her clothes too… I’m not good at these things unless I look it up, which I did. I looked in my perspective book from spring. If anybody wants to know, this is 3 point persepective.

The reason I was procrastinating was because I was looking at the supplementary dvds for my still life and that instructor guy’s setup wasn’t what I was picturing for mine. My work area isn’t very good because light from the windows hits everything and I need more lamps around to control the lighting. This really sucks because I’ve all ready set everything and I don’t want to move it…. I’m going to end up buying a bunch of fabric at walmart and then sew something together to make a curtain or drape. :\

A typical painters work area: well, it’s preferable to be away from outside light that you can’t control. The corner of a room works best. If you have a table easel, you can set up a table in front of you and in front of that, set up another table for the still life objects. I have a table easel, so I’m stuck using half my long desk for the easel, but its on the wrong side! Because I’m so stupid, I put my computer to the right of that desk, but the shelvese at the bottom of the long table is on the right. So if I put my easel there, I won’t have much leg room if I sit… And I’m also a total feng shui freak, so my back is suppose to be facing south if I want good health…. hahaha.. From the looks of it, I’m not doing that. I don’t want to move everything, but I might have to… who knows, maybe later. I think introverted people need to ramble because they have no one else to talk to in their lives. I’m sorry for rambling… haha..


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  1. Hi! I was surfing and found your blog post… nice! I love your blog. 🙂 Cheers! Sandra. R.

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