Dream Practicality.

I made onigiri for breakfast again. Well, I remembered to take a photo of it. Ugh… the filling wasn’t satisfactory because it was too salty or flavorful. Something like that. 😦 There just wasn’t enough rice. But the bonito fish flake filling tasted okay at least, they’re the cylander shapes.

riceballs, onigiri

riceballs, onigiri

Anyways, I don’t know why, I’m losing my touch. Maybe because I haven’t cooked in awhile. Hmm…

Lately, I’ve been feeling quite tired. I blame it on the mirror at the foot of the bed. They really don’t want to leave me alone, I feel bad for refusing. I’m 19 and I’m sleeping with my parents. 😐 I’ve been really caught up with trying to recall dreams again. It was good for awhile, but then I got lazy. I think that dreams can really energize you or make you feel tired. Say, if you have good dream, don’t you feel good when you wake up? Or when you don’t really reach REM, it’s like your getting cut off from the good stuff. Plus, I’ve been getting depressed for no reason again. Well, it’s because of stupid reasons actually.

I feel inadequate with my dream journal. I can’t remember and I’m losing my focus. I get lazy in the morning, it feels like such an effort to get up just to record my dream. 😐 I give up pretty easily.

This morning, I had a dream about someone I don’t know, but I’ve heard about them. We were in a weird garden, it was plain except for these growing flowers. I don’t know how to explain them but they come from Asia, it’s like this green plant that looks like a flower, but it’s sitting on the ground. The plant itself is stiff, so the “petals” are like… stiff leaves. Anyway, they weren’t green, they were white. And if you touch them or get into a close proximity, it’s like the seeds attach itself to you and start growing. It was strange, but I liked it. There was even a small river right next to that. I liked that guy, but he intimidated me.  I told him that I knew my swords weren’t in comparison to his, his was probably bigger and better than mine (BTW, the design on the swords are really cool, I should draw them). We started talking for a short while and then some people came up to me, asking me things. It irritated me because I was being separated. I had a feeling he was dissappointed since he said, “I came here to talk to you.” 😦 I don’t remember what next but I think I began to walk around the garden again. I do realize that I lose interest in people as quickly as they come, but when I get infatuated, it becomes an obsession. An inner obsession. I’m not a creepy stalker though. Honest! haha 😀

My room still feels uncomfortable, but the main reason now is that there is a statue of the virgin mary. It creeps me even further than what I felt before. I don’t know where this fear stems from, but it’s not as if I saw her eyes bleed or look at me. It’s very uncomfortable. I don’t know, my parents can’t feel it like I do. It’s hard to tell them I’m scared of a stupid statue that they believe in faithfully. “Oh, mom and dad, I think that statue inhibits evil things!” No… they will think I’m inhibiting satan in all his glory. Well, that’s a doozy.

I’m going to continue with my dream endeavors though. It’s a curious thing. Dreaming… I’m trying to write a story on it. But dreaming is hard to interpret for everyone.


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