Currently listening to, and more oil painting

I love Sugizo’s music. It’s so trippy…. It’s like… an alternative to a trippy-drugged out feeling. If I was a heroine addict, I’d so listen to this while shooting up some dope. Phew.

^This is a DJ mix of Sugizo’s song “Europa.” I feel that I like the original better, but there’s not video of it on youtube so… But I think this guy did a creative job too.

I’ve also been hung up on Barry Manilow’s “Can’t Smile Without You.” Regardless of the title or whether I have a love interest or not, it makes me smile anyway. I like the lyrics, it’s sweet. Haha… I have to post this other video too.. HAha… I have to find the woman he picked hilarious.

All right. I’m feeling a helluva lot better.

I don’t know… what should I post next, hmm?

I don’t think I depicted the glass very well, but It’s probably something I’ll need to continuously work on. But this is my first attempt, albeit not very good, but I tried, y’know. You paint glass as if it wasn’t there and then fix on the abstract shapes. I didn’t do very will because there was so many weird shapes going on. Plus, Bev said that I chose a hard angle to do… :\ Oy, well… *shrug

This is my final project rough for intermediate anatomy. I have to make it realistic. So it’s a rough and it’s still kind of cartoony. So I’m undecided on the medium but the best option would be graphite… I tried wash and phailed. It was bad… Eh.. So yeah… I’ve got like.. 9 weeks left to do this. That’s plenty but time flies.


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