Hi, my name is Tannie and I’m an internet addict.


I found this article on MSN. Not so much as addicted to my cellphone or technology, but internet. I don’t think people realized how wide this affected the consciousness of man when they made this place out of codes. Although I like the sharing of information, I’ve just got too much free time. Pouring over my fantasies of misguided adventures and Naruto. They’re calling it a disorder now, isn’t that what always happens when things go out of control? There is eating disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder, and now impulse control disorder. Because people are so fat and lazy now that we have all kinds of controll issues, worrying over the control of our life and whole being. Do people realize this as they go day by day, that they can’t control everything?

My dad has agreed to let me join 24 Hour Fitness, or something like that. Hurrah for me! because I want to take yoga. It will be a healthy thing to do.

I haven’t done any anatomy picture updates. My class uses a lot of the same pictures as in introduction to anatomy. Well, I suppose it’s a learning process.

I did get better — I took longer than normal though.

arm study

arm study

Painting is a silver reflection study. It’s not done yet… but I had to turn something in before midnight yesterday.


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