Melancholic/Phlegmatic – Temperament Personality Test

Melancholic / Phlegmatic

The melancholic-phlegmatic is tidier, more procedural and less flexible than the phlegmatic-melancholic. He may be slower to take on new projects, as the melancholic fear of new situations and tendency to perfectionism takes over. The double-dose of introversion, along with the melancholic tendency to negativity, makes it difficult for him to give compliments and make upbeat small talk. It also causes him to instinctively say “no” when he first hears a request. Others may perceive this as “snobbishness.” Unless the melancholic-phlegmatic is very comfortable, and is surrounded by understanding long-time friends, he may find himself somewhat isolated and alone, unable to warm up in a social gathering. He is less critical and less grudge-bearing than a pure melancholic or a melancholic-choleric. However, the tendency of the melancholic to dwell on things for a long time in their mind, combined with the sensitivity of the phlegmatic toward interpersonal relationships, can result in long-lasting hurts, an erosion of self-confidence and self-esteem, and even depression. Extremely sensitive and possessing a longing for the ideal (melancholic), they are also highly attentive to what others need or desire, through their phlegmatic aspect. This makes them more than usually susceptible to anxiety and a negative self-image

This temperament combination is highly driven to succeed—not for success’ sake alone, but because their melancholic nature is drawn to high ideals, and their phlegmatic side will have a strong desire to please. Thus, they are capable of long-range planning, organization, and attention to detail that makes them excellent and conscientious scholars. They are capable of pursuing highly idealistic goals, usually with long-term academic requirements, such as attaining their doctorate. They value their friendships, but can spend many hours alone reading or studying. They may have a tendency to hypochondria or to genuine physical weaknesses, as well as a tendency to timidity and anxiety, especially about new activities or ventures.

One melancholic-phlegmatic we know is highly organized, critical, slow, and dogmatically unforgiving, yet reveals her phlegmatic aspect in her intense discomfort with confrontation (unless she is very at ease among the warring members) and in her strong relationships with her friends. You wouldn’t guess that she is so devoted to her friends, however, because true to her melancholic nature she rarely initiates contact with them – they always have to call her first. A tendency to avoid the stresses of social interaction by spending overmuch time alone—whether in scholarly pursuits or reading for relaxation—is something that melancholic-phlegmatics need to watch out for.

If your temperament is melancholic-phlegmatic, for a better understanding of your temperament it is recommended that you read the full descriptions of the melancholic and phlegmatic.


Ugh! Melancholic… sounds so negative. Damn. Really, I’m not that bad. But this is almost spot on. 😦 Sigh… But I shall point out, I’m not organzied. In fact, during the entire test, I put that I was not organized at all. Hmm.

Where is the optimism in all this?!

For those of us who are curious this is the link. But it’s a catholic site and you have to sign up for a free profile. I deleted mine right after I got my test results…

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18 thoughts on “Melancholic/Phlegmatic – Temperament Personality Test

  1. sometimes i’m organised, and sometimes i’m a total mess. it’s funny that way

  2. eh heh… I guess me too. I would get an urge to dust and clean everything when I have nothing to do. But, I have recently found out that people can be organized in many ways than just cleaning up. Like… an organized mess.

  3. Im messy but its organized in piles, never really gotten to but I know whats there. Here is a good personality test but you have to know the meaning of the words.. Its a good start.

  4. Thanks, for the link. I took the test, and the results were the exact same… haha

  5. I’m very disorganized, but other wise, this matches me to the letter…

  6. don’t know about being tidy (lol), but that’s me

  7. This is nearly a spot-on description of my personality, except, I’m not organized at all. This seems to be the case with MANY Melancholy Phlegmatics. I read everywhere that we should be organized, and the majority of us couldn’t be farther from it.

  8. Oh really? Haha… I had no idea. I’m actually getting much better at organizing though. The way I organize things always needs its own separate section, I’ve found I’m buying a lot of folders to put specific things into because if it’s all grouped into one place, it’ll be highly unorganized. That was something I used to do, but I got headaches from it so, I decided to change for the better. ^__^

  9. thanks for this informative article….^^its really help me..

  10. This only made me more curios as to what really makes me tic.I know this test results described me eexactly but what am I going to do with it now!

  11. I dunno, maybe you can use this information to take more control of yourself?

  12. If you received melancholic phlegmatic and you are disorganized or you feel it isn’t you that means you are wearing a personality MASK (your life is out of order), get organized asap you will feel better mentally read the book “Your Personality Tree” it goes in to psychological depth on temperaments.

  13. Thanks for information. I will help alot. Am melphl i think i’m organise

  14. you have a fantastic page. meloncholies…..always so pretty… 🙂

  15. I just saw your response just now. I haven’t logged into my email so much, but thanks for the reply non-the-less. I took this test 10 years ago! It’s certainly interesting rereading my post again. I have changed much over the course of 10 years, I wouldn’t hold on to certain tendencies unless it is beneficial to your and your life, but definitely not if the trait will cause you more harm than anything. Wisdom is greater than past hurts.

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