Holy, Codswallop!

Yatta! I actually feel like doing hw! A little late consider it’s week 14 and I have FINALS. T_T

I have to 2 paintings to do, one homework of a tea setup in progress, and a floral picture I should be done tomorrow with the flowers. (I wish I had some REAL flowers… sigh).

I have my intermediate anatomy drawing of the drowning fisherman. It’s in pastel, I don’t know why I just didn’t want to do it.

Art history essay, compare and contrast… I’m still working on that… my brain is just…. O_O I’ve not been in tip top shape since my midterm (which as perfect, but I’ve been slacking like hell).

Clothed figure  drawing… I haven’t checked what the final is, but I have to do a some exercises due by monday. So… that’s a lot of crap piling up for just 2 hours and 2 days.  akdsfja;sdklfja;lsdj

I’m not sure, but I think I realize that I’m been doing so poorly because all I’ve been doing is hiding in my My World where stories are prominent… Sigh.. So after the failure of nanowrimo, I feel like doing another story. Or perhaps several short stories. I also went through my old sketchbooks. It makes me feel good looking back at my things or smile at how sucky I was and how far I am now. I’m still not satisfied with my style of drawing, sometimes it comes out just perfect, and then other times, I’m saying, “it’s ugly!!” *rips apart* I really don’t rip up anything, but I’m just not happy until I look at it again after several months.

Instead of nanowrimo I should draw a comic page/day for 30 days and be crazy. I wish I had a big scanner.







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