Fall Semester ’08 Ends

spirit of nature

I recently bought a fountain pen and a brush pen from Jetpens. After reading a review and a recommendation, I went for it. Dude, I was so ecstatic. Because they both write like a dream… Also because it’s my first time getting an expensive pen. I should buy a refillable brush pen, because I absolutely love the way it looks on paper when I write. I’m using my fountain pen for everything too. I know.. yeah… it’s a waste of ink. But I love it so much that I have to use it for everything. It writes smooth and beautiful.

I drew Silver when I was trying to come up with a face for my character in nano, but he didn’t fit any characters, so I’ll probably end up finding a new story for him to pop into. Shamans are pretty cool character, ne?


Because of finals, I’ve finally found a real creative outlet. I didn’t find anything worth drawing, so I haven’t done much since the beginning. I don’t believe in art blocks, but not feeling inspired is real. I wasn’t inspired by anyone in particular. The entire year I lounged on my computer watching movies and doing school work, but I never started a project so, I guess that’s why it wasn’t satisfactory? I looked over at my old sketchbooks, and it felt good to be me again. I wanted to draw something for myself. One great thing I learned this year was to keep a sketchbook to sketch everyday people. I’ll probably bring one with me everywhere now.

Teh Finalz:


Still Life: “The Asian Setup,” oil paint, 14×18

I think I’ll continue to paint for a very long time.


Intermediate Anatomy: “Drawn into the Sea,” 19×24, water soluable oil pastels

I’m not very happy, but I am glad I tried oil pastel, since I am not used to it… it was a new medium for me to get into. But I didn’t get such a good response from my teacher. 😐 I suppose… but it was really hard to do anymore tight detail. Oh whatever.


Clothed Figure Drawing: Two Fighters in Composition


Clothed Figure Drawing: Exercise 15 extra credit, Human/animal splice

I don’t do the human animal combo very often, but here is one..

Oh, well, after today ends the fall semester. I’ve been quite unenthused since the beginning. Mostly. There’s some good moments, but most of the time, I didn’t feel good. I think I might know why I don’t like my intermediate anatomy teacher as much. He is too imposing. He doens’t directly state this, but the way he says things is very annoying. It just means that he wants you to do exactly like… “You must do THIS!” There can be a right way or a wrong way, but being too imposing, you’re suppose to nurture your students. Keith Wicks is my most favorite instructor so far… His is very gestural, so I’m glad I actually had a live class with him. He seemed to enjoy teaching, and the way he explains things is so easy to understand. It’s usually the teacher’s methods that what makes him/her a good teacher… Yeah, I know the course materials are all ready there, but what is this malicious atmosphere? Anyway. I was quite pissed yesterday because of my final and some other person’s comments.

Sigh… so I was called a liar yesterday. Giving out fake sympathy and feigning empathy, by someone who does not know me well. I got energy vamped over the internet. And then I realized it was total bullcrap and why the hell should I react so angrily in the first place? Festered sores just kind of happen when you don’t want to. And I was just too blinded to realize that it was only a little prick in my side that I could remove. I had a moment with God in my room, and all my negativity seemed to have vanished. And I’m quite good now. Very good now. I’m very happy. I am glad again. I do love my God.

As they say, “Raison d’Etre.”

There is some good news. Since nanowrimo, I have found other types of month goals. And I found “nanomango.” Which is drawing a comic book page everyday for 30 days. Wu-hoazers! It starts in November, or June. But since it is so far away, I’ll just pick a random month and just do it. I need some 11×17 paper for roughs… Should get a box or carton of them from officemax or something. Boy, I’m excited! Hahaha… I just don’t know what story I should do… Cuz, see, I have 2 I am writing. Or I can do a oneshot chapter. I have to choose… which one is worth it?


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