2009 Happy New Year *throws confetti*

Yeah… it’s a little late but…

I didn’t do a very good job of wrapping up 2008. Overall, I didn’t like it. I told myself not to believe in numerology, but I inadvertently do that anyway… 2008 was my year 3, and 3 is associated with fun and partying.. Actually, I miscalculated that… since it wasn’t the case. 2008 was pretty drab, I had more bad things happen to me than good. But I will say, the trip to Aspendell was the best ending I’ve had. I was pissed about my old friends for the entire year, and then suddenly, I feel closer to them and I enjoy them. I don’t understand why I keep getting pulled back when I try to leave. I did learn a lot the previous year though… more self-respect. I’m fully aware of other people’s intentions, and not sacrificing my own. I feel like I have a voice again. Well, most of the time. I realize my problems sometimes, but then I don’t do anything about it.

My resolutions:

1. Finally, REALLY, study Japanese, and be somewhat fluent… haha… I’m really bad with that because I learn it for about a week and then put it off for 6 months and then do that all over again. And I did that for… four years all ready. So THIS time, I’m REALLY gonna do it! And even learn how to write a little…

2. Do extracurricula activity.. like.. join a gym or learn dancing, martial arts.. something other than sitting on my ass all day. Something fun… I wish I could do archery.

3. Do a oneshot comic. It doesn’t have to be a long story.. just SOMETHING. That would be nice. Yes…

I’ve got a lot of project ideas, and yes, because it is because I think about numerology. This is my year 4… the plans of the structure. Supposedly, I’m gonna working real hard. And I’m an advocate to working hard. Darn those capricorns, that is me. Getting your hands dirty is natural though, its how to get the job done.

I should remind myself not to type such melancholic things on here, since I know its depressing and drives people away. Negative people push other people away… it’s proven and true. And not only that it attracts like minded people, and I really don’t want that. So be happy! 😀

Now I hope this shitty sore throat goes away… I’m really tired. Phew.. Going to bed early. yay!


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