Paint Brush Review


I think I have collected enough paintbrushes, to at least give an overview of the ones that I have. But you can never have too much of these… 😛 But also some that you might want to avoid. Because I know paintbrushes come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and cost, etc, it’s difficult to choose. And you don’t really know which ones are good until you get them.


These were my first ever set of paintbrushes, and someone I knew gave them to me. The brand is Princeton Art & Brush Co., synthetic hair – gold taklon, 6 brushes. Used for acrylics, watercolors, & tempera paints. I used to use them with acrylic paints, and what not, but I found that the wash, 3/4″ brush was good for doing swatches with gouache. ^_^ They were probably cheap, but they seemed to have last me about 8-9 years (wow! I didn’t know it was that long). I didn’t use them all the time, or everyday, so they might as well. I didn’t know anything about brush cleaners in 6th grade so, but they seemed to have mostly survive… Although the hairs seemed to have splayed… If you’re going to give brushes as gifts, I recommend for people to buy brush cleaners too. Seriously.


I got these when I was a sophomore, bought them in Vietnam and they are mostly made in China, because I can’t read anything on the brush handles. They’re okay… I mean, I can’t give an overview, but they were freaking cheap because I bought them in Vietnam, y’know. But you get what you pay for, I hardly use them because they are so ugly. Except for the 12 big brush, the black one next to it (used to be brown w/a black tip…), and the orange, size 12 wash brush. Even the feral seems really cheap.. its not good metal because the heads would fall off of the handle and I’d have to glue them back on with elmer’s school glue again…  They also tend to lose their hairs while painting, and it gets annoying. Be wary of third-world country brushes.

paintbrushes_10 More Asian brushes. The Korean brush is really soft… like.. fake fur soft. Hahaha. I don’t know what to do with it though… Well, I’m sure there is some kind of technique I can make up while painting, none comes to mind other than gradation.  And the fan brush has been very useful. So at least half of these brushes I am using. The handle isn’t very good though, too much water makes it crack. I feel like its not gonna last…

paintbrushes_09 This is just a comparison between a brush that was bought in an American store and the brush I bought in Vietnam. I was going to compare the feral, but its hard to see with the glare from the camera. The American has softer brustles, someone had bought it but gave it to me though.

paintbrushes_05 Speaking of crappy brush handles, looke at these, they all ready started chipping after 2 uses. Really! Bought I bought them for something like a dollar… They’re useful, they’re just so… eh! I tried to keep the handle together so I can read the size if I ever needed to know. I don’t commit these things to memory. The brain doesn’t have as much space like that, y’know. My short term memory sucks anyway. By Windsor & Newton, RED for Water Colour. Cheap brushes, I might buy them again, but I know a better designer brush brand! The good news, the ferals stay in place.

paintbrushes_04 Yasutomo is a good brush. The bristles were white until the ultramarine goache stained it. This was part of a gift my sister’s friend gave me. She gave me a lot of watercolor things.  Handle isn’t cracking because of a nice paint finish. It’s Japanese, those people always go above and beyond.

paintbrushes_06 This is another Winsor & Newton, but this was made in England. The other two watercolor brushes were made in China. This is a neat brush and good for detailing. It also has a very long handle, probably one foot, or around there.

paintbrushes_13 Sumi brushes! The ones on the right with the textured brushes are from ProArt. The tan ones are from Utrecht, and the big brown and green ones I bought in Vietnam. They’re still intact too. I think if I go back to buying brushes in Vietnam, the Chinese brushes would be okay to buy… haha. Well, it has soft bristles compared to the proart ones. I haven’t really used them, I experimented with sumi only a little, so I can’t say much. They would be good for watercolor. I think the Utrecht ones have bamboo handles, so I don’t remember the price but they weren’t too bad. The only one with a crappy feral, its plastic, is the big brown one on the very left, its wobbly and I probably will need to glue it back… other than that, the others seem sturdy.

paintbrushes_02These are Princeton brushes, the brown handles are made from the same company as the set up there, but the black one might or might not be from the same company. Because it doesn’t say, Princeton Art & Brush Co. It simply says, “PRINCETON.” So, I dunno, but that one was made in China, so the handle was crappy since it is all ready chipping away as well. The other two are made in India, it was good until I was so careless that I left them sitting in a container of turpin natural, so the feral part is faded. It’s ugly. I think the 6 is the least favorite because the bristles are too stiff, it pokes me in the hand whenever I clean it, so its very annoying. Careless or not, I didn’t find it favorable when the metal faded off into a dull brass. I probably won’t buy from this company again…

paintbrushes_03 Brand is Robert Simmons (probably the makers) Signet and these hold well together. The words get faded but it is engraved into the wood. These were cool. I got 3 brushes from a Daler-Rowney table easel and paint set box, so they’re not crappy. These are definitely not cheap though..  Turns out its made for the same company, Daler-Rowney. I like that company, they sell acryllics. And most people buy it as a gift for me. Probably because when one person buys a brand, the next person who sees will buy it again for you. They named a bunch of their other brushes, but I have never used them so… explore! “Signet” is just a type of brush with specific hair for the bristles. Its good for oil paints and acrylic.

The little black is a decorator stencil, and probably used for stenciling…. haha. I don’t know, but I use it for texturing.

paintbrushes_11 For some reason the Prismacolor Premier brushes are not being made anymore so my art store are selling them for dirt cheap… like.. .so cheap. And I really really really like them. The sable ones are the flats, which are really soft and good for blending or watercoloring. The others I used for oil painting and they work very well. Its too bad they’re out of production, but hopefully, there are still more the Art Supply Warehouse… haha.. I can’t get enough. Or at least I feel like I need to buy more because you never know what sort of uses different brushes will give you.

But you can still paint plenty even with a limited supply. I probably don’t have half as much as more experienced painters, but I’m keeping my own advices and avoid brushes that I know suck. I bought them because they were less expensive then the rest. But I’ll have to keep that in mind…

Hopefully, this has helped someone.


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