5 Thai Chilis = mouth burning sensation

The other night I had made dinner for myself, and it was inspired by a cajun restaurant  called the Boiling Crab. It wasn’t authentic  cajun, but I had some fried catfish and extra spicy crawfish. And the crawfish was more than just extra spice, it was flaming hot. Eventually, I stopped sucking on teh shells and just ate the meat until my tongue subsided and ate the brains. I used to never eat shrimp brains (or in this case crawfish brains), but I felt like I paid a lot for a pound of it, so I just ate everything I could. I paid around $10 for my meal, but my friends, they went over. I was like this  O_O when the bill came.

So my dinner… I  tried to replicate the flavor, I knew the red coloring was from paprika, but not sure what the other ingrediants were. I went with that and added garlic, onions, black pepper, and some fish sauce to some deshelled shrimps. Oh and lets not forget that thai chili… what a fatal mistake. Anyway, it actually wasn’t 5 in one, because I didn’t have that much shrimp but there happened to be a lone drumbstick, so I added the above plus black soy sauce and put in half the chili to each in a bowl. It was marinated for about an hour. And oh my god, it was so hot, I was on the a brink of tearing up.


Spicy Shrimp and Chicken Bowl. The recipe is basically the ingrediants. I think the cooking will be quite straight foward.


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