Sunny Side Up


I’m getting better with sunny side up eggs. Yay. 😀 I don’t like mine too raw, just cooked 85-90%. The secret to cooking eggs is low fire, for those of us who don’t know. 😀

This is kind of ironic because it is raining right now, but just this morning, it was kind of sunny. It’s been raining quite a lot the past 2 days, a good thing for desert dwellers because its been too sunny anyway.. hahah. Its starting to feel like spring. I think spring comes early in Southern California, or maybe its because of the global warming. They’re saying that animals are breeding earlier.

I’ve been doing a lot of projects lately, I just don’t take pictures or scan them in. Maybe I will later, but right now, I’ve got too much hw. T_T  They changed the system this year, so stuff will be turned in on Monday instead of Sunday. For some of us, its a relief, but I’m it makes me more lazy. The good news is more time to turn in last minute stuff… The school must think that there are many students who put off work until the weekend… >< They are right!! But some students are part-time workers too. I need a job… Been trying to have a go at website making again. My brother happens to have a web server, and I wish I could split it with somebody, but there is less than a year left, and I don’t really know anyone who would want to.

I think I just spent most of my day looking up useless information again. Damnit.

Well, I’m kicking off with a bad start to my illustration history class… I have not started in the discussion and in that class you want to check often because I really hate reading those goddamn long posts that people like to draw out.

Some more work:



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One response to “Sunny Side Up

  1. Those eggs made me smile! And that is one cool looking portrait.

    “I think I just spent most of my day looking up useless information again. Damnit.”
    Haha story of my life

    Keep up the great work!

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