Thinking about macbook pro


References: mexican striped owl and caspian pond turtle 😀

I think I want to buy a macbook pro 17″ laptop but its so expensive. I have funds that I saved up, they are mostly student loan and aid from the past year that I have been staying at home. I’m saving this money for when I go up to SF then I can pay for apartment and food stuffs. It would be good to have a laptop for when I do go up there or when I go to a friend’s house or someone’s house in general, or work somewhere other than home. If I buy a refurbished, it would be $1999 but if I buy the new one with a student discount, it would be $2,599. Student discount only saves me $100-200… 😦 I would like the new one because its kind of green friendly (I know! But I agree with the green movement.) The downside is that it costs too much, and I want to have less memory, around 250gb is good enough, but they give you 320gb and you can’t downgrade unless you buy solid state. But get this– they only give you 5400 rpm. It does only cost me $45, but regular would have been $50. I would also save a lot of money if I buy adobe creative suite, it would be $300, by god it costs like double that amount if I bought it alone. I swear, the adobe company thinks they are all that charging an arm and a leg. Its not like they’re selling Arabian horses. I would use the free programs, but like free programs they are limited. I am thinking about corel painter since it is made for painting, so your “digital” paint easily blends better. But I am taking traditional illustration, I’ll most likely use traditional means than digital means more often.

If I get the refurbished I save $600 but there is a possibility that it could be defective even though refurbished is fixed. I read somewhere that there are some refurbished that the tech team doesn’t fix it, they just boot it up again and see if it works. I wonder if that is true… People are people, but I guess I have a high standard when it comes to treating people with honesty and fairness.

I was telling my mom after she ran out of the bath and body hand soap and put in dishwashing liquid, and I’m like, “Why do you treat your guests so poorly?” She doesn’t even put in a towel and expects them to wipe it on their clothes. I hate doing that when going to someone’s house. I hate not having a designated hand towel, I try not to wipe on the towels that they use for showers and whatever. So people should be more considerate others, its so fucking annoying when I don’t get treated with the same respect.



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