Work in Progress

I’ve had my photobucket account for about 5 years now… Wow! So, I was looking at some of my old graphics and they are mostly signatures you post on forums. Dude, it was like, the “It” thing when I was a sophomore in high school. If you had photoshop, you join a group and you do a graphics “siggy” battle! I only did one, and it was embarrassing, and from then on, I was a lone wolf. I’m also a lone wolf in life, but I don’t wanna talk about that. But y’know, I suddenly get a weird feeling that I am different from people here, I don’t seem to mesh very well. I dress too extravagantly whereas in SF it would have been cool. Now I stand out like black against an all white background.


This is one of three personal projects taht I have to put on hold right now… Sigh.. so this is something that I am working on. The original’s lineart won’t be there, but for now, they are guidelines.

Fuck. SO.. I keep wasting time and doing stuff. This morning, I whipped out the new wonder mop I bought at Walmart! It is the one where you twist it and all the whatever comes out. Plus you can machine wash the mop for reusability. I got pissed off at my dog for peeing just about everywhere, so I tossed her outside because she wouldn’t let me catch her. I just let her sit out there, I was planning on leaving her out there until night, but I got a soft heart and couldn’t keep my resolve. But I cleaned. I moved the dining table over to a new area, and geez, it is like I am now an old grandpa. My lower back really really hurts. This is why you need those backbracing belt things, don’t you? Never lift with your back, use your legs. But I am physically weak in my arms and legs, so I had to endure. House feels better, because I don’t have to step in pee or shit anymore. I’m very lazy by myself, but I put the dishwasher to work after 2 weeks of eating and stuff. Don’t know how much water I’m saving, but I’m usually one of those people who forget to turn it off while soaping up the sponge.

So… I also took a nap at 1, and woke up around 2 ish… Feeling bad that half the day is gone and I have not done hw!!!

Of course, I am barely just starting right now at 9pm. Earlier I had made chicken and got sucked into posting in my artbistro account. I visit it every month and update it every 6 months. I don’t have familiar friends, just people who add me randomly.  I just realized how very myspace-y it is! …I never liked myspace. I never used it so its an uncalled for, judgemental look, but everybody uses it, so when everyone uses it, it becomes lame. End.


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