So what happened this morning…

Parents are returning monday from their vacation. I am worried, but I’m not sure I am as worried as my sister. She is a nurse, so of course she’s going to feel antsy that my parents went there to get laser surgery. Is it safe? Who knows, maybe Asians just have a knack for surgery. I hear Korea is very good at it… They are also very good with straight perms. Susan is just worried that they might get an infection or something because we heard from the people they are living with currently — they had to have a change of bandage daily. And that’s like, “WTF? What’s happening? Nande-bayo?” (And before you think anything, I just want to add that I understand that my parents have been suffering from low self-esteem, limited education, and a biased view of outside beauty. It will not fix their problems automatically, but they are not dead yet, therefore, I believe that they still have some time to learn new things. Experience makes us all the wiser.)

I’m really mad at Nico, she shat in my room when I let her off the leash some nights ago and I just discovered it this morning. I was super pissed. And she made a mess last night too. So I blew up.

And this is how it went:

I yell, pointing at the poop and the pee 3 feet away from her training pad. That’s a large gap to “miss.” Took out the nerf shotgun (its modifed, btw, so it stings and is louder) and shot her 4 times. Ran out of bullets. Tossed her out for a few minutes to make sure she doesn’t pee on the tile when I do it again. Grabbed her, brought her upstairs and confronted her about the poop in my room. Leashed her to the step ladder. Brought out the shotgun. Bang,  bang. Five out of six bullets made a hit. Two headshots, hit her forehead.  Grabbed the RCP-90 (firefly rev-b) nerf, 6 out of 8 made a hit.

Two hours later, I forgive her. We are walking in the backyard. I am inside now. “What is in her mouth?” I thought. I call her over. I reach for her mouth, she drops a ball of dirt that spreads across the floor. The tile is dirty once more. Fuck. In auto reaction, my hand smacks her backside, I throw her out again.

Time to buy more eggs, apples, and bananas.


I seem to notice that most people are using blogspot for their artblogs.  😦 It would be the professional thing to do… I have no time to work on a website right now, which is what I want to do to keep it separate. I’m surprised at this guy who uses his facebook as a gallery. I don’t know how that is working out for him. Maybe its just a personal preference?


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