Colour Study

I very much do not like gouache. Its messy, tedious, and hard to manipulate. Rawr.

6_1_flatguoach_duong3 6_2_temperature_duong

As I learn new thing in my History of Illustration class, I realized that a lot of the old master illustrators worked only from life.. ._. And I don’t, wah..? They have all the resources, but they decided to not take the easy route. As for me, I guess I am taking the easy route. Is that wrong? Oh yeah, there is no wrong or right.  But it would be nice if I could work from life. Who is willing to sit for me?! I doubt there is anyone who would tolerate sitting for 4 hours for their portrait  because we all have such busy lives.


I wish I had noise-canceling headphones.

Anyway, I watched this documentary in the morning about the medical industray called “Sicko” (and it’s by Michael Moore who did other documentaries…) And some people may find it unbelievable, but it really moved me to the point that, I want do something! Like.. with my art! Artists have that power to appeal to the masses, it is a good and a bad thing. But no one is doing it intentionally, its just that no one is knowledgable about it. I really never cared about the medical injury. I’m scared of the cost it would be to have my still messed up knee from 8 months ago get an examination. I have no insurance, and I never want to because I have absolute zero belief in western medicine. But that’s okay because if I ever decide to go to a hospital, I’m going to Canada because there is universal health care, this means that I don’t have to pay, it’s absolutely offered free by the government. You must be thinking about the tax! But it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg like if you got treatment in the US. And the problem with the US system is that not everyone gets treated. The doctors get to pick, so if you don’t have money *toss, ignore, etc. * WTF?! It made me so mad… hearing all those stories about people getting turned away. A woman’s child gets a fever, she goes to the hospital and they say it’s not a big issue, she gets turned away. And the fever becomes worse, I forgot what the baby developed but she died. Because of an effing fever. Even Cuba has better hospitals, and they’re a third world country with one of the best medical industry? Whoa. Medicine in pharmacies in the UK is about $10 and that is all medicine. And if you’re under 16 or over 60, you don’t have to pay.  And you get reimbursed if you took transportation to the hospital. In France, there are nannies sent from the government to help out around the house after a woman gives birth. You get paid vacation, this man had gotten an injury while in America but went back to France. He gets to take off for 3 months to recuperate and he still gets pay, 35% from his employer and 65% by the government.

And students don’t pay for University education, while in America, you’re forced to get loans to attend school…\

And more statistics found here.

Whenever I learn something new about my own country it makes me feel so sad at the demoralization of politics and the lies they feed us through the media. It makes me want to move far, far away. Actually, it makes me want to topple these money-eating giants. Or I will just write a graphic novel and hope it will be as popular as Watchmen.


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