Spring Break again!

Yay, spring break! Boy, am I glad.. I’ve just been working nonstop. I’m almost sick of painting, but I have to keep at it or I won’t get better. I’m never really happy with what I paint.. geh..

Dreams are too bittersweet. This morning, I dreamt that the apple store was having a sale on its laptops and they had discounts or something like that. I was so elated that I woke myself up. Actually, I woke up because I said, “This is a dream isn’t it? Apple never has a sale.”

And the other night, I was dreaming that one of my old teachers assigned worked, and what we had to do was play Okami. And I was excited because I all ready beat it once. But it would be fun to have another file for class… hahaha. It was interesting, I was playing as Amaterasu but it was a new setting. Pretty neat since I experienced what Ammy experienced.

Anyway, I had rearranged my art room a bit because I got a new desk. Yay! But somehow, I want more tables~ that is simply too selfish of me… :\

Old work station

img_2633_resize img_2634_resizeimg_2635_resize img_2636_resize img_2638_resize img_2639_resize img_2640_resize

New arrangement :

img_2652_resize img_2653_resizeimg_2656_resize img_2657_resize

I am still organizing everything… Again. Even though I had moved my desk last week and crap. I’m organized-messy, if that makes any sense. If someone moves something (specifically me) from where I put it originally, I’d be ripping my hair oout of my head trying to find it.


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  1. You have mad scientist syndrome. Your place looks like my cubicle exploded. But on the flip-side, it looks like a very productive environment.

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