Games wishlist

Nothing too big, but I’ve been looking into ps2 games. My secret pleasures…


  1. Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne (ghetto prices for a really old game)
  2. Persona 3
  3. Persona 4
  4. Castlevania: Circle of the Moon
  5. ” “: Harmony of Dissonance
  6. Legend of Zelda: Minish Cap
  7. Final Fantasy VII GBA

Of course, I admit, I can get the rom for the last one (it does have fast forward features) but… it would still be nice to have a physical form of it. And even the minish cap, I might not even buy… They’re so old, they’re selling it for more than the msrp price, which sucks for a thrifty shopper like me (I am cheap! Not surprising since I waited 2 years for Okami)… hahaha… >_> I can wait for as long as it takes. I just think its ghetto that they push up the price for Nocturne, it was selling for like… more than a $100 a year ago because of the CD that was included with the game. :\

GBA games are becoming obsolete now too.

And I have no money, so I shouldn’t even be making a list to begin with. Bad! Bad, Tannie!

I was checking amazon today instead of doing hw. 😐 Being a procrastinator. Its so hard to not be one… so hard… I am sloth. Oh, not only that, but I was checking out Air Gear because Oh! great was the mangaka author. So its like Tenjou Tenge, pretty girls  with big boobs (author of Gantz is known for that too… -_- Nvm, their style of art is completely different, but they’re so similar), action/total violence, but minus the martial arts factions, and throw in rollerblades in place. Its actually a lot more funny than Tenjou, but I like Tenjou because I think he did his research. Maybe… I dunno, but its important to do research when you write something. Although Christopher Paolini did his research on how to make a sword, he picked up how to make a Japanese sword, it was kind of boring in Brisingr because that scene was slow-ish. It was interesting to know, but I don’t really care.. haha.  Anyway, back to Oh! Great, he also did some costume designs for characters on Tekken and a character on Soul Caliber. I have only played the former, and its pretty kickass.

Also, Ravages of Time, which is a Chinese manhua that is basically about the Three Kingdoms book in China. I’ve been waiting to read the HQ from Remnant Warriors, but they have lives. So… I just started reading the new releases from another scanlator, so I’m confused but at the same time intrigued.  Its just like one of those strategic, warefare things. I suck with strategy, and I’m terrible with Warcraft, so I don’t really know why I like this book… hahaha. I think its just the characters that keep me going, but I even get confused with the names. Who is Cao Cao. Wait, Liu Bei? Who’s is Lu Bu?? Oh, they’re different people. One is a people’s leader, and the other is a traitor that plotted to kill the emperor. I just remember the Handicapped Warriors best, because they’re handicapped, and they’re kickass assassins. By the way, I didn’t know why Xiao Meng was a handicapped warrior, and then I reread the first chapter, so one of the kids said she was a eunich. So I said, what’s that? Looks up in dictionary. Well, I was certainly enlightened. That’s one pretty eunich.

Oh yeah, my sister bought me a drafting table. I really owe her a lot, she gets me all my art supplies…. Must pay her back in the future… I just don’t know what to get her because she doesn’t need anything material since she can get it herself. “Here, Susan, this box was made especially for you. It looks empty, but in fact, it is filled with all my love. You should feel warm and fuzzy now.”



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4 responses to “Games wishlist

  1. Wow top three are shin megami tensei style games. Those games are so dark. I totally dig the style (private school students, demons, japanese, cool), but they’re so hard to get into because you have to study up to really take advantage of the battle system. Even more so when you want to get demons to join you. Bad for completists like me who have to get everything.

  2. ryuutsuchi

    Actually, after reading a lot of reviews, and high praise, I just wanted to see what it’s like since the only types of rpg’s I have ever played is Final Fantasy and kingdom hearts..
    A completionist? Oh, me too… except, lately, I just don’t have the time of day to be thorough anymore. Final Fantasy XII still has a lot of items I didn’t get, too much time and effort. Like those rare drops that only come 1 in a thousand fights.. too much effort…><

  3. Completist lol

    FF8 was worse. Especially when you had to fight all those tonberries. 9 was my favorite because they added features so that you wouldn’t miss too much like the exclamation point bubbles when an item was nearby. Also, that game was just well designed when it came to finding treasures. So many rpgs i want to replay but I don’t have the time. FFVII, FFVIII, FFIX, FFX, FFXII, Xenogears, Chrono Cross . . .

  4. ryuutsuchi

    Oh… completist. >_> English never seems to stop growing.

    Anyway.. I never got to play ff8 or 9, so I can’t say much on that.. haha.. but ff7 is on 3 discs. At least the creators try to make it as long as possible. But even if I wanted to play again, my ps2 cannot read ps1 games. Meh!

    Yeah, I know what you mean… Younger people have more time to be carefree. Sad facts of growing up.. haha..
    Plus for FF series, you always need to devote a good amount of time to them.

    Last summer, my sister allowed me to play Zelda, TP on her wii, I didn’t get to finish because I moved. So she always brings it, but I never have a good amount of playtime, and it was like that for 6 months. But she had to give the game back to her friend, so I had to beat it asap. I tried really hard to finish quickly. I wasn’t that excited. I saw the ending, but it wasn’t liberating because I still needed so many heart containers and I wanted to get all the poes… sigh… Ganon is easy cake, but it didn’t feel complete.

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