Some sketchy stuff.

I have not done fanart since Sailor Moon and DBZ because my bro is the most critical audience EVAR, so he’s keeps picking on me… Ah well, its good because I need to develop nerves of steel.  *SUPER SAIYAN*

And let us not forget DB: Evolution is out in theaters on April 8th. To watch or not to watch… that is the question.




So … Yeah, I’m conceited. Although that is me that is a leaner, healthier, and nicer complexion me. Foot is off, I knew it, but I didn’t fix it… Hrmm.. Oh yeah, I just caught up with Air Gear. And I was like, “Oh my gawd! That guy is OBAMA! I mean, ‘John Omaha.'” Ah, Oh! great cracks me up. From a Vietnames-American point of view, it’s pretty interesting. Well, y’know, I can definitely see the Japanese people being supportive of a black president. It’s very interesting, this new phenomena.


I’m surrounded by snowboard junkies, I would like to join them, but it looks like I won’t be able to anymore. I’ve sincerely become traumatized with running and falling.

I don’t have time to do script frenzy looks like. I just procrastinate too much.



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4 responses to “Some sketchy stuff.

  1. I really hope DBZ: evolution doesn’t do well because I’m getting tired of the way those films are made (picking a series with a hardcore following, slapping well-known actors into the cast, adapting it for film unfaithfully and calling it artistic license. The Chun Li movie was garbage, by the way. lol.

    I just hope the DBZ film has some impressive special effects.

  2. ryuutsuchi

    haaha, that’s a new perspective! If it does happen to do well, I guess they would have to make successive movies like Harry Potter…

    That’s right, they almost did that with Watchmen, they were considering people like Tom Cruise and famous people, but that just wouldn’t have fit.
    But maybe if people just keep complaining, and hopefully, they’ll listen, or just hope that those CEOs get fired along with the rest of the greedy bastards.

    But, for this movie, I agree with some of the cast, yet I don’t know if Chow Yun Fat was the right choice as Roshi… just like how Jet Li will never be the right Monkey King.

  3. I thought Jet Li as the monkey king was forgivable only because that movie gave me a Jet Li / Jacki Chan fight scene, and they showcased all these different fighting styles. That was exactly what I wanted.

  4. ryuutsuchi

    I suppose so.. they should have just got rid of that part altogether and focus completely with more fights from jet li and jackie chan.. haha.. it looked like it was a draw though, they were both equal in skill. I am not surprised, since I consider them both masters.
    I was probably thinking too much on the role of how the monkey king was portrayed though. There is a very famous, that’s really old from the 80’s. The effects are old, but the acting made up for it. The monkey king was so monkey-like, I can tell he studied up on monkey behaviors for a long . That’s a lot of “monkeys” in one paragraph.. haha…

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