I’ve been rating my itunes music, like putting in the stars 1 thru 5. Its actually somewhat useful, but not really. I mean, why would you have a 1 or 2 point star song on your playlist? Sometimes I download music haphazardly, so when I listen to anything again and I don’t like it, I rate it a 1 star so that I can go back and delete it later. In actually, most of the songs I listen to are only 4 and 5 stars anyway! And even more recently, I’ve decided to be more realistic with my rating and so most of the four stars were really a 3. I only liked it at a certain number of times until I realized it was an average song afterall. This posting has no real point to it. I’m just typing away some observations.

But the one thing I used to always do is go to gamespot and check out the score of a game. I never buy anything under an 8.0 rating, because average games are a waste of your time.  Don’t you think so?

Just like C’s are mediocre and shouldn’t even be happy about getting C’s. What the hell was I thinking? What is surprising though, was that I was so relieved to get a C+ for my grades back in my first year in college because someone told me it was really hard to get an A, so I went for B’s instead. It was realistic to get a B but I wanted more than anything to get A’s. I regret not asking for a higher grade for my analysis of form class. I wasn’t the best student David Lee had, but hell, he saw me working my butt off, so why didn’t I ask? Modesty is only good in small ounces. If I went down the business path, I would crush every single person that got into my way. So CRUEL~ that would have been me. So I am glad, I don’t have to worry about that… hahaha. I’m sure I’d feel guilty later.

I decided I wanted to one up as many people as possible for this homework assignment because somewhere out there, there is an Art Center student who is doing extraordinary work, and I’m probably far far behind.


Bouguereau – “Au Bord du Ruisseau” Master study

By the way, I think chocolate together with green tea is excellent. *lifts up pinky

And feet:



The hands from last, last week weren’t very good because I didn’t spend as much time.



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4 responses to “Points

  1. When it comes to ratings, I always check to see who’s funding the reviews. Gaming magazines, for instance, publish ads from game companies. If I see a crapload of ads for a certain game and the review in the same issue, I get really skeptical. Ratings are just another form of marketing after all because good ratings translate to sales. Art will always be subjective.

  2. ryuutsuchi

    Oh, that’s true. Haha.. I’ve only been going to 2 places, and it was always either gamestop or gamefaqs. And I kind of trust that there are always some kind of review by people have played.
    When I first played final fantasy XII, everything looked so cool. It’s got this crazy looking trailer, had a good review score, but then I realized, that this game is probably the weakest in terms of story, and so it really lacked. I didn’t like it as much as other people. They can worship it all they want, but in general, this game was okay. Not great. So you’re right about that.

  3. Oh no you didn’t like XII? At least your logic makes sense. The game went MMO big time, but unfortunately, so did the story. Your experience with the game was supposed to be the story. This works in online MMOs because you are reacting to events with other people, and being social. But offline, not so much because you’re not going to be talking to yourself or the AI. So you rely on the characters to react and have opinions, and that actually immerses you more into the story.
    I still think the gameplay was perfect. It actually made grinding fun because I didn’t have to do it lol. I would just set up the gambits properly so that my party could keep fighting in a place with regenerating enemies and leave the room haha. I hate grinding. To me, the game was saved by vast worlds, cool character design, great music, secrets, and, of course, the gameplay.

  4. ryuutsuchi

    Well… >< I didn’t dislike it! I just thought it was overrated. :\
    I really did like how unique the gameplay was. Gambits are cool. Especially for a long game like that. My brother found a glitch in the game where he just left the bots to keep fighting, turned off the tv and then came back and his characters were all ready level 80. I never cheated like that, because I didn’t want to cause some kind of energy crisis in our neighborhood.
    Because the Final Fantasy franchise has become so popular, I think they are trying to make it too aesthetically pleasing. There was a debate when Final Fantasy VII was made into a demo for the PS3, everyone was like, “If they made that into a game. I would so buy it.” And I agree because it was a well balanced game. So we have the technology now, to expand on that. But then again I would be said, because I vowed to not buy the PS3 since there are more important things…

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