anime expo exhibit hall – 32 collages

My graphics manager at spja has disappeared… so I dunno if I am working at AX this year… Eh… I think I’d rather go to Comic Con, it’s closer now anyway.

Well, I finally found time to post this collage up of the doors at AX, and I must say, that there were some screw up in terms continuity with the panels. Well… I was hoping it would be hard to tell because of the spacing inbetween doors at the convention would somehow cover it up… Ah… So this is probably easier to see then the pictures I took of the actuals because there is no glare from glass! Yay.

(c) spja/anime expo – logos & characters

Designs by me (except the plane with the kitty and bunny, that one is certifiably the only illustration that is mine… :P)

On unrelated notes, I realized that there is that I probably can’t cuss in front of my cousins too often. I mean, if they’re going to later on, I’m not going to take responsibility and be the first on to influence them…

Lately, I’ve been reading too many comics, only two series, but they are long… So I’m probably royally screwing myself because I know that I have a major project to do.  But since I knew it was addiction, I resigned myself to finish reading it up till I was up-to-date, and I think I am facing withdrawal or something. Even though I’m done, I’m still looking for something, something to fill up that void. Am I ..really so bored? Yeah… *sigh

I was doing very good with my morning walks, but now I’m kinda feeling lazy again. Especially now that the sun is back to being overwhelming. AGHH…. I really really don’t like… going outside… hahaha… I wish for a healthy image, but I don’t like the sun when it is so hot. I can’t stand it. Summer is my least favorite season, this is from a girl that lives in SoCal. I really did like it when it wasn’t so hot during January, February, and March… but it’s all ready getting warmer. 😦 I don’t want melonoma.. I should try paying attention to the moles on my body in case… I like the beach though, just not California beaches. They are too cold and the water is polluted, there would be strange foam at the beach my friends go to, it’s really gross. People have no respect at all. It’s okay for organic matter to be thrown on the grass because the nitrogen from apple cores will be feeding other tiny organism and also putting back the nitrogen and stuff in the ground again. But plastic is bad… It’s truly gross.

My sister recommends for me to get tanned in prep for her wedding since she knows the other bridesmaids will be tan. And me… pale white, since I am not the maid of honor, it’s best not to stand out so…. hahaha… I don’t want to touch sunblock either. Since I have reason to believe that thing that you can’t ingest, you might as well not put on your skin, with the exception of makeup and those facial stuff. An age defying option is to put on aloe vera instead of buying those cosmetics they sell for $50 bucks a pop. I know that it is important to the economy to keep buying and selling, but I’m against taking advantage of ignorant people. I don’t mean stupid people, ignorant people. I’m learning that ignorance is not bliss, that is a lie and fabrication of the lazy (Me is lazy, yes, sloth yes, but still… there is a limit). Although, yes, I’d rather someone sit down and tell me everything instead of having to read long text. Unfortunately, this entire generation is like me so, I cannot be too bothered except when reading legal notices. I used to read the copyright and privacy protection stuff, skim through it whenever I download something, rarely do it now except for contests and such. Its only fair to be aware.

I recently bought some big headphones from Sennheiser (eH 150)because I heard they were good for their range. Maybe I should have gone for a better model, although I just wanted to block out all that noise. It’s not really noise-cancelling as I was hoping, there is less ringing in my ears as the dog barks, but you can still hear the outside pretty well… *sigh… I also have reason to believe that in-ear headphones cause deafness. Bose is out the question, those people… so pricey. 😦 Well, it’s to be expected. And I don’t care that much because I am not professional, in regards to music. A laymen like me, shouldn’t bother with that…

Well… I am spacing out. That is to be expected after staying up all night at sleeping from 7am to 11am.


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