Weather has picked up… :(

I don’t like heat… I really miss San Fran weather. I will suffer this summer… pain! …torture! …agony! …melting… T_T The highest today was supposedly 90 degrees, I actually didn’t feel it because I’m sitting in a very dark corner of the house… but it’s getting so warm right now and its only 8pm. Highest will be 94 degrees on tuesday, but the funny thing is that it will fluctuage to 74 degrees on Wednesday. So weird…



Tomorrow will be week 12~ So fast, so fast… that’s only 3 more weeks left. Holy shitcakes! Financial matters, I do not think I will get all the aid that I got like this year. Maybe I can go out on the streets and do portraits for people… wait no… that’s bad… The sun will burn me! I hate retail, but I think I should try finding a summer job. Sigh… It will give me something to do, and I won’t waste time thinking that I should die right now. Because student loans follow you to your death, ne…


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