Video Game addiction editorial







Yes, I’m a traitor. I love games, and yet I do such slanderious anti-campaigns against it. Oh well. Art is a strange thing like that, especially when you need to work. So this is one of the final projects for my illustration class. It’s an editorial assignment where we choose to illustrate something we pick up from a news article. I chose video games because originally, I was thinking about this transvestite person getting beat to death  because she lied about being a non-transvestite. And the guy she met online was so pissed that he killed her with a fire extinguisher. There was a lot of bias and homophobia coming from that guy. I couldn’t think up 2 viewpoints as well. But video games aren’t that hard because I like video games, but I don’t believe that people should play it all the time. So I can be for and against, I don’t think I could do something that goes against my standing though.  The funny thing though, I couldn’t think of anything for the “for video games.” Like, why? I play it all the damn time, can’t think of anything! It was hard to convey how video games are good stimulations for the mind. Anyway, I have about 5 projects to be due by May 11. Such a pain, and I can only do one all-nighter, only when it becomes too desperate.

I found a cure to my sleeplessness. Lately, been tossing and turning in my bed for hours, not even listening to my ipod works. There is this constant chatter inside my mind, I’m hoping they will get bored or tired and stop altogether. And also movie reels, about what happened 2 weeks ago, what happened 1 week ago, and recent comics I read. Sleeping on the floor isn’t bad because it helps straighten your spine. But after a while, your body will feel tired, so when you wake up in the morning, you can’t wait to get up even though you feel so groggy and tired, but goodness, the floor is really hard. I need more blankets for cushioning. I debated with myself for awhile though, because I hadn’t vacuumed in a long time. But I went to sleep in an instant, it’s amazing how that works.


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