2 projects down, 5 more to go!

  1. Illustration 1: editorial for video game addiction
  2. Illustsration 1: editorial for liv tyler
  3. Illustration 1: Eragon picture redo
  4. Head and Hands 1: Exercise 14 open media
  5. Head and hands 1: Self-portrait, charcoal
  6. Intro to Painting, figure: Final 1
  7. Intro to Painting, figure: Final 2

And then some discussions for History of illustration. I’m suppose to be done with all essays for that. Phew… thank god. My instructor was smart to do it a week earlier.

The self portrait won’t be due till the 12th, the second part of my figure painting final is due the 14th, and  everything else is due on the 11th.


Some girl, I tried to do exaggerated color. Her body is a good example of an S shape, very curvy. I like it, and also the fact that it seemed really easy to paint her for some reason. Her face, needs work though. It was weird because you’re looking up, so its this weird angle… need to fix. I forgot to add credit that this model can be found on characterdesigns.com.


I don’t know this model’s name even though I draw him so often. I tried my hands at watercolor. I did a drawing in watercolor pencils and then I painted over it. Need to work on some edges though. I always though I sucked with watercolor, but if you actually buy it from the real tubes and not the crappy palette ones they sell to kids, it is possible to add layer. I found that incredibly amazing. I always thought you should work fast because when watercolor goes on, its hard to take off on paper. Could be a different for canvas, haven’t tried, but maybe I should. Most mediums, there should be thought and care put into your picture. I’m always finding this. With this medium it’s watery, you kind of lose some colors, or brilliance. I don’t think that it is possible to make incredibly saturated colors.

Not feeling very talky about the usual games and other non-related geeky things I like, but I just visted my old xanga. I think, I sense my self-conscious and insecure self in the way I wrote. It’s …uh… very pessimistic sometimes, and very sad-sounding. I was such a melancholy person in high school. I’m debating whether I should delete it completely. I changed my real name and everything. So employers shouldn’t find me. 😀 I also felt very bored while reading it too. For some entries, it was funny, then others, it’s like, I’m just talking about my day to day and some self-bashing, and some random garble. God, I’m sorry to myself and to my old readers. Haha….

I’m not feeling well at the moment because in my desperation to munch on something today, I made tea….. with milk. Why do I do that even though I’m intolerant? I was bored I guess… needed a break. I’ve been painting for 2 days anyways. Yes, the painting up there exceeds 6 hours, its more like… 10 – 12 hours? I could have imagined one more hour to fix her face though.

But I’m so proud of myself! I feel like I have so much time even though it’s finals. I’ve been a good girl and doing work and it feels good to not scramble to get something done for once. I have 5 projects left, but 3 aren’t too bad and are due in 2 days, and the others are a little after. Should be plenty of time. Pheww……….

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