Summer vacation begins!

Yep. I’m done with school. Oh, man, I was so happy when finals were over. It was like a big burden had lifted off my shoulders.  Although, the last few were fun to do. Particularly, my editorials, and that painting of the girl w/ purple hair. But then it just kind of got too much at the end. My brain fizzlesssss…. It’s important to like what you do, yes, but I can’t work non-stop for more than than 40 hours a week. Too tiring. I really admire hard-working people.

Liv Tyler Editorial


The signatures are obtrusive and I added them, but the originals don’t have it. I think… it is fair that I take protective rights to my illustrations. Although, I don’t seem to do that with my fine art stuff… 😛 There’s just too many and tedious for everything.


^This could have been handled better, but I ran out of time. :\ The lighting was somewhat overcast, so it was really difficult with the values and subtleness of how the light catches.


^The feet is cropped off from the canvas, but it w as too hard to do… cast shadow needs to be fixed. :\ Well, he liked how I painted the legs. 😀 I got an A- for this and the other painting. My first one! I am happy. Teacher is a hard grader but getting an A is awesome. ^_^

There was also that dragon picture/book cover assignment I did, it wasn’t very good because I colored it too dark, so I will not post such failures on my bloggy. The colors just weren’t working. I tried though… :\ Man, I wish I did the Golden Compass instead, I think I would have been more happy.


3 thoughts on “Summer vacation begins!

  1. Dude, your second and fourth piece are awesome!

  2. The first one reminds me of art nouveau. Anyway, I’m glad you’re done with school. I’m so close. I’ll be done in the fall.

  3. D: Wait… what do you mean, you’ll be done in the fall? Perhaps there is a misunderstanding? I’m not graduating yet! I don’t think that will happen until December 2012. I’ve got more miles to run.

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