My decision…

I have officially decided to buy a mac laptop, 17″ by the middle of June. I just don’t know when I should buy it, just know that I should soon before summer school hits, or really, before I leave home for 2 weeks. They’re putting up the promo, get a free ipod touch w/ a new laptop for college. I don’t need it, so maybe I can give it as a present. But I don’t know who I would give it to. Or I can sell it for $200 online… I can keep it to replace my old ipod, but it’s sentimental, because my sister bought that ipod for me. Summer school starts around the 14th. I only have 2 weeks of lazing around left. I have completed 5 sock puppets, so I’ll take pictures of them soon. I am aiming for 3 more, since I have knee high socks I just bought. I’m going to try really hard to enter scholarships and contests again. I kind of put them off because I get lazy, and if I’m not lazy, I really am busy with work. I read a nice little article about having faith in the universe. Here I go with my crazy mumbo jumbo, right? If the universe is really how we perceive it then I think there is a God because this is my vision of the universe. And I think it abundant. So I made a big wishlist. If I post it up, I might seem superficial, so I’m just going to put up 5.

1. Macbook pro 17″ with 7200 rpm hd and 2 or 4 gb. Fast laptop ftw.

2. Bigger Wacom tablet (the pen I have now is wearing away)

3. New glasses

4. An internet router

5. The t.v.’s usb drive.

All the usb drives that comes to me for some reason disappear without a trace. I have reason to believe that gnomes exist and they take stuff… like my socks. Anyway! The reason why I never by usb. My seagate external hard drive’s been useful. I named it ‘Akira Shock!’

I entered a contest for eyeko beauty cosmetics. The prize was $500 and some cosmetics. The only thing is that the art would be used for promotion and advertising.  — Unfortunately, I made this post 2 days ago and firefox is being really fussy with wordpress right now. I don’t know what’s up?? D: So I can’t post any pictures because the browser keeps shutting down whenever I try to upload anything. Bah!! So that’s probably all I can say for now. My summer isn’t really consisted of much else… ^_^;;


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